Pamela Zhuklevich By remaining independent, our influential Founder Pamela Zhuklevich makes her own rules. The spectrum of her professional experience in fashion, legal, consulting, advertising and media is what makes her unique. She spent her formative years in the fashion industry working behind the scenes (Branding, M&A, Crisis Management, Restructuring, Licensing). As a byproduct, she landed in BigLaw at Skadden Arps in her mid-20s. Making her a hybrid. Following her instincts by going against the grain, and forging her own path, foregoing college to be mentored by the best in various industries paid off. Acquiring priceless skills, methods, and wisdom that no university could ever offer. Though, she does hold a Bachelor’s degree from the City College of New York—AKA—The Poor Man’s Harvard. She has not only developed a keen sense for the challenges facing companies, music labels, publications, and artists in today’s globalized world, but she understands the market, the audience, and what lies ahead. Founding WOTN in 2013 in NY, her ultimate goal was to do everything as an independent platform and creator. Being a free agent so early on, positioning WOTN globally without any major company’s backing enabled her to carve out a path, which she plans to follow forever. Having the freedom to work with and the time of her choosing keeps the creativity flowing. Simple as pie. Over time, WOTN attracted a loyal following, creating its own niche, generating a buzz and enthusiasm which spread globally. Though established in NYC, only 32% of its audience are Americans followed by Germany, the UK, Canada, Australia, Holland, Russia, Brazil, France, and South Africa. Today, WOTN’s audience runs the gamut from Ethiopia, Fiji, Portugal, Indonesia, Denmark, Algeria, Mongolia, Iraq, Botswana, Nepal, Cote d’Ivoire, Sweden, Hong Kong, Greenland, Taiwan, Lebanon, Argentina, Kazhakstan, Venezuela, The Maldives, and the list of countries goes on. As a woman in a male-dominated field, it takes tenacity, sheer dedication, countless painstaking hours of hard work, “It’s important to believe in yourself, I want to be an example that anything is possible.” – Pamela Zhuklevich Connect  via @ Narikonyc |  Twitter SoundCloud Instagram

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