Amirali To Perform Live With Zurich’s Tonhalle Philharmonic Orchestra


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Springing to the forefront of the electronic music scene with his debut album ‘In Time’, the work of producer Amirali was received with much critical acclaim. With key support from BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio 6 Music, along with a shortlist for CLASH magazines’ ‘Album of the Year’ award; Resident Advisor dubbed the album as ‘an example of perfect craftsmanship’ along with receiving heavy praise from NPR. This success saw Amirali booked to perform at an array of prestigious venues including Berlin’s Berghain, Fabric London, Opera House Vienna and The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao.

tonhalleLATE mit Tonhalle-Orchester Zürich & Amirali:


Following a relentless touring schedule, Amirali, like any true craftsman, took time out to gather his thoughts and to engage with his work once again. Fully refreshed, he recently released his ‘Odyssey’ EP, accompanied by a stunning remix from Fort Romeau. Now armed with a new body of work, Amirali steps into new realms as one of the most talented electronic musicians of the moment, performing alongside one of the Top 10 Philharmonic Orchestras in the world; Zurich’s Tonhalle Orchestra.

On 5th of October, Amirali will feature in two performances, as part of the first in the pioneering tonhalleLATE series 2018/19. For the past fifteen years, the Tonhalle Orchestra has been pushing boundaries, bridging the divide between classic and electronic music; introducing a whole new generation to classical music. Previous guests have included dOP, Mathew Jonson, Octave One, Sebastian Mullaert, Francesco Tristano and Henrik Schwarz. With great care and innovation, the tonhalleLATE series provides dynamic and immersive experiences, holistically combining music, visuals, and production, aiming generally at younger audiences. The tonhalleLATE series champions the challenge of making the traditional concert hall relevant and engaging for the modern world.

As the first tonhalleLATE of the season, the overall theme for the evening is centered on music from the cinema. Focusing on creating an immersive audio-visual experience, electronic and classical instrumentation is integrated with a visual art installation inspired by surrealist cinema, produced by Zurich-based creative agency Projektil. Amirali has also collaborated with Projektil on the visual-creative direction for the upcoming edition of tonhalleLATE. Taking part in directing the narratives of the visuals, Amirali coined the key concept for the overall theme; Surrealist Cinema.

Directed by the classical conductor, Frank Strobel, who bestows years of experience working within the musical film industry. With the stunning backdrop of the concert hall, the concert opens with full orchestral performances from the 85-piece Tonhalle Orchestra, with the addition of film excerpts played on a large cinematic screen. Progressing into the latter half of the evening, the audience transports into a purpose-built space, here we cross the bridge from classical into electronic; with a more informal format, the audience is encouraged to stand and dance in the subsequent performance.

In this second act, soloists from the orchestra join Amirali in a collaborative performance, where “classical meets electronic.” Tonhalle Orchestra Zurich has opened an invitation for Amirali to reimagine music from his repertoire in a Neo-Classical context, orchestrated along with the seven-piece group of soloists. Having progressed into a more dance-orientated experience, Amirali will perform a second live solo show centered on his regular live experience for the club. This all comes before handing over to Swiss DJ and Producer, Definition, whose DJ set closes the tonhalleLATE.

“I’m very excited to be doing this collaboration with the Tonhalle Orchestra. This is the beginning of a new chapter for me as an artist. I’m finally in a position where, I get the chance to explore new dimensions of music and take on new creative challenges… The experience of the evening with TonhalleLATE… lets just say it’s going to blossom all your senses that might even make you laugh or cry, it’s going to be a tunnel of emotions that may have been hidden in you for a while.” – Amirali

Armed with new works, Amirali prepares to release a new EP titled ‘Heights of Ecstasy’ in November of this year along with a remix from Moscoman.

“It was a period where I made a series of dance records; ‘Heights Of Ecstasy’ is the aftermath of ‘Hidden Past’, which was released earlier this year on my label, Dark Matters. These two tracks were produced in a short span of time; I was experimenting with a specific setup that I had just made in my studio at the time, which turned into these two pieces. My approach for these two tracks especially for ‘Heights Of Ecstasy’ was to be playful with abstraction and to create a psychedelic vibe.” – Amirali

Full Program:

  1. Tonhalle Orchestra Zurich
  2. Frank Strobel, Director
  3. Amirali Live Act
  4. Definition DJ
  5. Projectil, Visuals
  6. Irina Pak, Violin
  7. Ewa Grzywna-Groblewska, Viola
  8. Isaac Duarte, Oboe
  9. Heinz Saurer, Trumpet
  10. Christian Hartmann, Percussion
  11. Klaus Schwärzler, Percussion
  12. Lea Knecht, Harp


Amirali & Tonhalle Orchestra Zurich present tonhalleLATE at Tonhalle Maag on 5th October.