Exclusive Interview: Mitch Oliver


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Having served as a premier emissary for the burgeoning east coast melodic movement since his explosive arrival on the circuit in 2019 — and having released across the likes of Kindisch, TrybesOf, Hoomidas and XYZ — Mitch Oliver is leading the charge for the scene’s next wave of stars. One of the most vibrant selectors the industry has seen in years, Mitch consistently brings out his own dynamic strain of grooves to some of the world’s most iconic venues and festivals, including Piknic Electronik, Burning Man, Stereo Montreal and SXM Festival. Expertly crafting electrifying sets that are sure to create unforgettable moments, the Canadian talent’s impact on the industry continues to grow with each passing day, bringing with it a host of die-hard fans.

Montreal’s brightest star recently signalled the next era of his rocketing career with his latest livestream initiative. Played and recorded atop a picturesque rooftop during a surprise set at a vibey afterparty, Mitch Oliver’s energetic performance is full of unexpected, viral-ready moments. Composed of all original and unreleased, genre-defying productions by Mitch Oliver himself, this one-hour, festival-ready showcase of sexy sounds will no doubt catapult him to international stardom.

Following the livestream and the subsequent release of his new single ‘Hidden Gem’, we caught up with the man himself to find out more…

Hey Mitch, thanks for taking the time to chat with us today! Where in the world are you at the moment?

The pleasure is all mine. I’m currently in beautiful Buenos Aires, Argentina, having just wrapped up an incredible Argentinian tour. It was beyond words. We’re already planning the next one! I couldn’t be happier with how this tour has panned out, each crowd has been more exciting than the last, and the vibes have been on point, from start to finish. The response to my new music has been phenomenal. Seeing partygoers, promoters and dancers sing along to tracks that aren’t even released yet is one of the best feelings a DJ and producer can have. I’m in a hyper-creative zone right now and am excited to share a ton of music over the next few months, that so many people have been asking for, tagging me in and dancing to. It’s going to get crazy.

Let’s dive straight in and talk about your new livestream, which was filmed in your home city of Montreal. How did the project come about?

I’m fortunate to say that I have a great fanbase here in Montreal who come out to my shows, time after time, no matter where I play. I’ve been making more music than ever and wanted to give my loyal dancers a sneak-peak of what I have planned for the new year, so I threw a party on the perfect rooftop, overlooking our beautiful city. I decided to film it and am glad I did, because we captured so many special moments and strong emotions that will now live on forever. Every single track I played is original and unreleased. The response has been phenomenal.

The track list consists entirely of your own un-released, original music. How long did it take to create this body of work and why did you decide to showcase it in this way?

The music came to me in a flash of inspiration. I’ve been playing more and more of my own records during my sets at festivals and clubs around the world, so it just felt right to share my unreleased gems with all of you in this way. Although the music I’m making is pretty varied – There’s deep, groovy cuts, spacey, techy bombs and melodic, vocal-heavy anthems – one thing is for sure: It’s gotta be sexy.

You’ve just released the stream’s first single ‘Hidden Gem’. Aside from its inclusion in the livestream, where else has the track been road-tasted and what has audience feedback been like so far?

‘Hidden Gem’ has been a standout record in my sets for the past few months. No matter where I play, be it a sweaty afterparty in Europe, a rooftop rave in Montreal or an extended, marathon set in South America, dancers constantly asked me for the ID. It felt like the perfect first release to usher in my new sonic new chapter and a hint of what else is on the horizon. There’s a lot coming.

For those of our readers who are not familiar with Montreal’s club scene, can you talk us through some of your hotspots?

Montreal’s scene is a special one and I’m glad to have a built a strong fanbase in my hometown. There’s no better spot than Stereo (and Stereo Bar) to express myself with trippy, extended sets. The sound-system is on point and the audience is there to let loose. Every year or two, I also take the opportunity to play one of the city’s festivals, Piknic Electronik being my favourite. Set down by the river on a luscious, green island, it’s the perfect backdrop to bang it out under the sun and see so many of the smiling faces to come out to my sets throughout the year, all in one place.

Can you share some of your career highlights with us?

From Burning Man to SXM Festival, to Amsterdam Dance Event, to Stereo, I’ve been fortunate enough to play in over 25 cities in such a short time. One of my favourite moments is seeing familiar faces, who travel from club to club, festival to festival, to come see me play. Sharing music I love with those just as passionate as I am is an incredible feeling. I wouldn’t change it for the world.

What’s next for you on the tour schedule?

A constant flow of new, always sexy, genre-bending productions aside, I’m hitting the road again, with a quick stop at Stereo Bar before Do Not Sit in Miami and the rest of my upcoming US Tour. Festival wise, I’ll also be closing out Igloofest for the first time, alongside Miss Monique. It’s going to be awesome and I’ve got a few special tricks up my sleeve for the occasion.

Do you have any advice for budding DJs/producers who are just starting out in their careers?

As I began to play bigger and bigger stages and tour more and more across the world, I always remind myself to keep pushing for the next level, but also to be grateful for what I have achieved. Keep your eye on the prize but don’t take anything for granted. There is no better career than creating art and sharing music you love with thousands of people around the globe, that connect on your wavelength.