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A burgeoning force on the international techno circuit, Italian-bred DJ and producer AMKA is quickly garnering a reputation among fans, peers and industry specialists alike as the spotlight artist to watch. Debuting his career in 2023 with a stunning livestream recorded at the breath-taking Monastero di Santa Maria Di Colonna in Puglia, Italy, AMKA subsequently delivered his inaugural single ‘Our Night’ to the community, receiving great acclaim for his anthemic strain of techno.

Kickstarting the new year in true fashion, AMKA now unveils the next offering in the stream’s impeccable track list of original, un-released music with his next opus ‘Vivid Memories’. An impressive follow up to his December debut, ‘Vivid Memories’ is another masterclass in refined techno that delivers on beats and melody in equal measure. An exciting up-and-comer with contemporary synth work at the core of his sonic persona, AMKA’s fresh release blends atmospheric soundscapes with cosmic tones and crisp percussion. A peak-time worthy gem with subtle influences of trance woven within its heady break, the track serves as an aural odyssey into AMKA’s unique perspective as an artist. We caught up with him to find out more.

Hey AMKA, how are you today? And where in the world are you right now?

I’m doing great, thank you for asking! Currently, I find myself immersed in the vibrant energy of Trani. It’s always fascinating to draw inspiration from different corners of the world.

How would you describe your sound as an artist?

My sound is a fusion of melodic intricacy and rhythmic depth. I strive to create an emotive journey through music, where each beat and harmony tells a story. It’s a sonic exploration that combines the ethereal with the pulsating, offering a unique experience for the listener.

When did you first get into electronic music and start producing your own songs?

I delved into the world of electronic music at a young age, captivated by its ability to convey emotions through beats and melodies. The journey of producing my own songs began as a form of self-expression, a way to translate my thoughts and feelings into the language of music.

Who were some of your biggest influences growing up?

Growing up, I was deeply influenced by pioneers of electronic music like Aphex Twin, Paul Kalkbrenner and others. Their groundbreaking work laid the foundation for my appreciation of the genre, inspiring me to carve my own path in the vast world of sound.

We’re loving your new single ‘Vivid Memories’. What was the inspiration behind the track?

‘Vivid Memories’ draws inspiration from the nostalgia of fleeting moments. It’s a sonic exploration of emotions tied to cherished memories, translating the essence of those experiences into a melodic narrative. The track reflects the bittersweet beauty of reminiscing about the past.

Do you have any goals for 2024?

This year, I aspire to continue the musical journey, playing in new countries and connecting with a broader audience. Collaborations with fellow artists, pushing creative boundaries, and evolving as a producer are key goals. Ultimately, I aim to share more music with listeners

Walk us through an average day in the studio for you.

An average day in the studio involves diving into the creative process with a focus on melody and rhythm. It starts with exploring new sounds, experimenting with different beats, and crafting intricate harmonies. It’s a dynamic journey of self-discovery and sonic exploration.

Can we expect more music from you soon?

Absolutely! There’s a wave of new music on the horizon. I’m excited to share that the upcoming release “Timeless Dream” will be out on Friday 16th February.

Stay tuned for a sonic journey that unfolds throughout the year.