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KYGO’s visual artist + social media icon, Jay Alvarrez is making a big splash.

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Filmmaker, photographer and director, Jay Alvarrez has garnered a devoted following. His simple strategy; use the highest quality filmmaking techniques possible to showcase his extraordinary zest for thrill-seeking using some of the world’s most spectacular locations as his personal backdrop.

The Hawaiian native grew up with the tropical coastline and ocean as his backyard and playground. At a young age, he began experimenting with photography, documenting his daily adventures and quickly emerged as a trendsetting filmmaker, photographer, and director. It is these techniques (and a legion of millions of devoted followers) that has led not only young, hot talent but also Fortune 500 companies, such as Hyundai and Snapchat to Alvarrez’ door.

Most recently, during a summer spent in Ibiza, Jay Alvarrez teamed up with Kygo to create and star together in Kygo’s brand new music video for his chart-topping hit “Carry Me.” One wild adventure after another, this awe-inducing video documents Kygo and Alvarrez hitting the beaches, surfing down sand dunes, gliding across seas with a water-powered jet back, setting out on yachts, and live spectacular footage of Kygo performing.

Alvarrez is known internationally through his vast following and presence on Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat, where he utilizes the latest technology to capture his skydiving, surfing and thrill-seeking crusades. Alvarrez has created a new niche in entertainment as the driving force behind and in front of the camera with his production company Savage Isle Productions.

Jay Alvarrez In Dream World (The beginning):

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UPDATE – Jay’s recent (March 2018) upload on YOUTUBE:

“I know it’s been a long minute since i’ve uploaded something.. This style of video is something new for me & very true to my soul and heart I hope you will all enjoy the first chapter of my series “Jay In The Simulation”..” ~ Jay