We Create Momentum

Founded in 2013, in New York, by Pamela Zhuklevich. We Own The Nite NYC (“WOTN”) was formed in response to the growing interests in electronic dance music from various audiences within the United States.

From modest beginnings, we’ve rooted our shared passion for dance music in the scene. What began as a few friends in quest of adventure & music, soon became a consistent channel for global dance culture. Today, WOTN has grown into a consulting & media collective. Our extensive global network, led by savvy minds & creative souls, continues to be impassioned by social responsibility. We are an independent platform: strategically positioned in our ever-shrinking world, responsible for the rapid cross-cultural transformation we are experiencing today and the challenges it creates.

“We belong in a community, not an industry. Everyone knows everybody. Our approach to doing things is based on trust and relationships.”

New York City-based with outposts in Chicago, Denver, D.C., Los Angeles, London, Reykjavík, Ibiza, Madrid, Moscow, Manila, Hong Kong, and Berlin.

We Own The Nite Crew – strategically based worldwide on the cutting edge of a hyper-connected world.

The WOTN Crew:

Pamela Zhuklevich, Brian Lockhart, Amanda daSilva, Siobhan Henry, Claudia Manganiello, Edna Mode, Alex Os, Naomi Horst, Sebastián A. Kid, S. Burelli, Pam Hernandez, Acid J, Alex Rush, Sam Sigal, Gabby Hamrick, Alden Bonecutter, and Thomas Lukens.

WOTN Contributors:

WOTN UK, WOTN Spain, WOTN Asia, WOTN Russia