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Reuniting for their first collaborative outing since the July 2022 release of their Siolim EP on Rebellion der Traumer, Tomy Wahl and Los Cabra’s new White Nonsense EP on Sincopat delivers everything we’ve come to expect and more from the two in-form producers, who have been going from strength to strength with each passing release over the past few years. With early support already in from the likes of Tale of Us, Fideles, Oostil and The Element, the double-sided journey begins with the gripping title track White Nonsense; a veritable sonic feast combining powerful bass, stunning synths and an unexpected main break that’ll leave audiences and listeners speechless. On the flip is Roboticsoul, a rousing peak-time cut that commands attention from start to finish; its hypnotic bass and ethereal vocals transporting us to a dimension where time and space cease to exist.

Hello Tomy, and thanks for taking the time to chat to us. How are you and how are you feeling about 2023?

Hi! All good here, at my studio now, working on new projects.

Massive congratulations on your huge new EP on Sincopat. Can you talk to us through the release?

Thanks! We are very happy with the result too. I made this tracks in collaboration with my friend Los Cabra. Although we’re both from Argentina, our usual meeting spot is Goa, India, where we normally tour once per year. We’ve been working remotely for the past two years, but last winter  we managed to be in the same place at the same time. We gathered everyday and divided our time between going to the gym, visiting the beach and working at the studio. The outcome of this sessions were five tracks from which 2 of them are the Sincopat EP, which we are very proud of. We have been playing these tracks since then all over the world with a very enthusiastic response from the crowd.

Going back to your formative years, can you explain when and how you fell in love with electronic music? Was there a particular moment when the penny dropped?

My first musical steps were with rock and pop, I used to play the guitar in a several of bands, in which I was also the producer. I have learned to use all the computer softwares at this point. I gradually added electronic gadgets like synthetizers and drum machines, inspired in bands like Chemical Brothers, Underworld, Depeche Mode and Nine inch Nails. The breakup point was when I started going to rave parties like Creamfilelds in the beginning of the 2000. From that moment on I begun producing club music and fell in love with it.

What music (or artists) have played the biggest role in shaping you as an artist?

My main inspiration were: Massive Attack, Bjork, Nine Inch Nails, Radiohead. 

How would you describe your sound, and why did you choose to pursue your particular brand electronic music over other styles?

I believe that I’m a mix between all the different styles that I fancy: Melodic techno, Progressive House and Indie Dance. The music I produce is on constant evolution. 

What is it about the genre that you love so much?

I´m very fond of melodies and harmony, but I also like a good boost of energy in it.

Looking forwards, do you have any specific goals or objectives you would like to achieve as an artist over the next few years?

My goals as an artist for the next few years are that my music is heard by as many people as possible along the whole world, and that the big djs play my tracks. Also I would like to continue playing around the world.

If you could put on your own show anywhere in the world, where would it be and who would you have joined you on the lineup?

The gig would be at Amnesia, Ibiza, and the line up would be headed by Solomun, Maceo Plex and me.

Where can we see you perform over the coming months? Any big tours planned?

I’m planning a long term tour in America, Europe, Middle East and Asia. The dates will be announced on the following weeks.

Any plans to come to NYC at some point? Our readers would love to see you perform live!

Yes, I have some requests from the States, but nothing that I am allowed to talk about yet.

Finally, do you have any other projects coming up this year that you’d like to share with us?

For the remaining part of 2023 I’m developing a new concept of a visual live set, in which I will be playing a Moog synthesizer, live vocals, all with tracks of my own, combined with 3D Mapping visuals. For this purpose I will be touring with VJ Dogpw, one of the most talented Argentinian Vjs in the electronic scenario right now.  I’m very excited and looking forward to this. I believe that this concept is the future.

Thank you Tomy, we wish you all the best for 2023 and beyond!

You’re welcome! The same to you.