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One of the most respected talents on the North American circuit, with a storied lineage of house music quite literally running through his veins, Mexican/Dominican DJ and producer Arturo Sanchez is leading the charge in an exciting new wave of Latin House music artists. Boasting a burgeoning discography spanning leading labels including Nervous, Undr The Radr, Stashed and Stealth, amongst others, the New Jersey-based talent now looks to explore the next chapter of his artistic journey as he announces the launch of his very own record label ‘La Fiesta NYC’. Following the label’s debut release ‘Aventura Y Romance’ a few weeks ago, we sat down with Arturo to find out more.

— Hello Arturo, and thanks for taking the time to chat to us. We’re already halfway through 2024 — how has this year been for you so far?

Bendiciones Drew and thank you for having me. I agree, it feels like the first half has been a full sprint, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Between new releases, launching my label and producing events alongside my label partner Marcos Silva, it’s been a dope year thus far.

— Massive congratulations on the launch of your new label La Fiesta NYC. Can you talk to us through the concept behind the label and why you decided to set it up?

[I] Appreciate the felicitations on La Fiesta NYC! This has been a long time coming. Since the pandemic, I began to tour Latin America in places like Mexico, Costa Rica, and Colombia, prompting a deeper connection with these scenes. I felt that the same way House Music out of NYC created bridges to Europe in the 90’s it’s time to create bridges to Latin America. Being no one else in NYC has started this, I can be the architect of this musical connection. Ultimately, my vision is a means to catapult talent from Latin America to the USA and vice versa. 

— Going back to your formative years, can you explain when and how you fell in love with electronic music? Was there a particular moment when the penny dropped?

Absolutely! To start, music has always played a role in my upbringing. From hearing my mother playing Baladas, Rancheras, and Musica Folklorica while cleaning at home, or my dad singing Julio Iglesias in the car, my life has been filled with music. 

On the Electronic side of things, my older brother, Roger Sanchez was my first exposure to house music. My first memories were being 9 years old, getting a cd from my brother entitled “Cream Ibiza Departures” in ’99 and hearing The Wiseguys- Cowboys ’78 (casa de sanchez mix) intro track and feeling the primal sensation rhythm, beats, and groove. That feeling has stuck with me to this day, and is what I chase to replicate for others when I play for them. 

— What music (or artists) have played the biggest role in shaping you as an artist?

Man, I’ve got a few. Off the top, the NYC 90’s House scene made up of Todd Terry, DJ Sneak, Junior Sanchez, Armand Van Helden, and my brother, Roger Sanchez laid a foundation for me. These trailblazers really set the stage for electronic music on the international stage, not just for me, but for everyone in this scene. 

In more modern times, I would say my biggest influences include Carloh, Chus and Ceballos, Dennis Cruz, and Mele as far as shaping my sound. 

— How would you describe your sound, and why did you choose to pursue your particular brand of electronic music over other styles? What is it about the genre that you love so much?

Although the sub-genre has been labeled “Latin Tech House” I would describe my sound as “Flow Latino”. It draws from tech house, NYC Latin House/Tribal House, Salsa, Merengue, Reggaeton, Festejo, Bomba, and many other Afro-Latin rhythms to create dance music with Sazon. I merely followed my influences from my Dominican and Mexican roots and have branched out from there. You can’t run away from who you are at core, so finding my style felt very natural. 

What I love most about this genre is that Latin America is having its moment and I get to be a part of it. I love how it has also helped me learn more about who I am as well as the similarities and differences amongst people from all over LATAM and how much passion there is for the music. 

— Looking forward, do you have any specific goals or objectives you would like to achieve as an artist over the next few years?

Most Definitely. I would like to be a champion for Latino culture and those who share the passion for it. The ideal scenario would be for La Fiesta NYC to be the foot in the door for the next generation of up and coming dj/producers in LATAM who have aspirations to bring their sound to NYC and for those in NYC to bring their sound to LATAM.  

— If you could put on your own show anywhere in the world, where would it be and who would you have joined you on the lineup?

I think an epic dream of a show would be in Estadio Azteca in Mexico City. That place has a magic that I can’t describe and an energy that can only be felt there. It would be dope to set that stage with the likes of Carloh, the Martinez Brothers, Dennis Cruz, Marcos Silva, Michael Espinosa, and a B2b with my brother Roger Sanchez.

— Where can we see you perform over the coming months? Any big tours planned?

You can catch me in NYC this summer heavy! My next showcase is at Somewhere Nowhere on July 7th along side Marcos Silva and the homie Juany Bravo. As far as tours are concerned, I’m keeping it tame for 2024 with some dates in LATAM for 2025.

— Finally, do you have any other projects coming up this year that you’d like to share with us?

I’ve got a collab with DJ Gomi coming out on La Fiesta NYC and an EP later this year. I’ve got a few more releases before the year is up with Stealth, Undr The Radr, and a dope release with Junior Sanchez’s label Brobot. 

— Thank you Arturo, we wish you all the best for 2024 and beyond!

Mil Gracias for having me and keeping the underground alive in NYC. Look forward to seeing you all on the dance floor! 

Arturo Sanchez & Marcos Silva – Aventura Y Romance is out now via La Fiesta NYC: