New Horizons: Iceland’s Bjarki enters a new chapter


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Bjarki’s time is now

When Bjarki Runar Sigurdarson, decided to take a much-needed break and assess how his work-life balance had led to exhaustion. The question Bjarki faced was where to direct all the energy and drive that had propelled him to the top.

Earlier this year, we got our answer.

Seeking refuge at home, surrounded by Icelandic landscapes, was just what the doctor ordered. With a newly gained perspective and reinvigorated inspiration firmly in place, Bjarki’s writing a new chapter.

Feeling renewed, Bjarki released his debut studio album “Happy Earthday” on February 15, 2019, via !K7 Records.

Nowadays, the Reykjavík native seems calm, relaxed and better than ever. After witnessing “Sequences x Peacock Society 2019 Presents: Bjarki,” it’s evident the prime mover of bbbbbb recors has returned to deliver more fascinating performances and music.

Bjarki 4.0

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When all is said and done, whether he makes money or not, Bjarki’s frenetic frequency is to search out stimulating ways to live life.

Check out and enjoy this rare immersive experience from Bjarki, courtesy of this year’s Sequences x The Peacock Society Festival.

Bjarki [Sequences x Peacock Society 2019]

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