Bjarki drops ‘Track 19’ from soon to be released ‘Psychotic_Window’ Album via !K7


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After officially announcing his forthcoming new album, ‘Psychotic_Window,’ earlier this month, Icelandic experimental artist Bjarki today releases the next single, ‘Track 19.’ 

Bjarki – Track 19, out now via !K7

Psychotic_Window’ is a further extension of Bjarki’s creative vision, with the full tracks originally released as a secret album, housed within the limited edition 200 copy box set version of the ‘Happy Earthday’ LP. An extension to ‘Happy Earthday,’ ‘Psychotic_Window’ is set for release this December offering a conceptual collection of music which Bjarki never thought he would release. 

Inspired by his home country of Iceland as well as the planet’s environmental issues, ‘Psychotic_Window’ combines influences from techno, breakbeat, IDM, electronica and more, providing a close and personal insight into one of electronic music’s most intriguing acts. 

“After ‘Happy Earthday,’ people have been asking me about the secret tracks and it made me feel that they deserve a proper release. Each track means a lot to me as I made them during a depressing phase in my life; I was pretty broke, working many shit jobs and also just being super lazy, uninterested in leaving my apartment. Before I started touring, I had these periods where I could write so much music without thinking, pouring my heart out to comfort my thoughts and feelings without trying. I doubt that this kind of window will come back to me anytime soon, my way of music-making has changed a lot after going on tour. At that time, I was listening to a lot of Coil, Chris Carter, and Cosey Fanni Tutti. I think every struggling artist goes through these phases of being sleep deprived, staying up and making music all night. This was my psychotic window.” – Bjarki

Bjarki ‘Psychotic_Window’ will be released 6th December via !K7 Records

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Bjarki – Psychotic_Window Tour

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