&ME Drops Official Remix of WhoMadeWho & Rampa – UUUU


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On April 29, following almost a year of international hearsay and speculation, celebrated Danish live act WhoMadeWho unveiled the details and upcoming release date of their seventh full-length studio album UUUU. A thirteen-track opus set for release on May 27 via German imprint Embassy One, the album announcement was marked by the release of the huge collaborative album title track with Rampa – UUUU.

Now, with the release of the band’s long player just a fortnight away, WhoMadeWho unleash one final pre-album gift, as they enlist Berlin-based producer and Keinemusik co-founder &ME to provide his own resplendent interpretation of the ethereal six-minute album single.

One of the most in-demand artists in electronic music today, there are very few producers on the circuit who can lay claim to such an abundant slew of dancefloor juggernauts as &ME. The man behind tracks including Muyé, Discoteca, The Rapture Pt.II and perhaps most notably his 2019 remix of Guy Gerber’s What To Do, the past few years has also seen &ME help spearhead the huge international success of the Keinemusik collective, alongside esteemed label mates Rampa, Adam Port and Reznik.

Delivering a beautifully nuanced underground house cut, awash with luscious analogue textures, restrained rhythms and a blissful groove that bolsters the record across its duration, &ME’s remix is an absolute masterclass from the off; its pulsating heartbeat and teasing builds sweeping and soaring with intense delight. Subtle yet immense, the remix is produced with the poise and elegance of an artist who has been captivating minds with his music for over fifteen years – an artist whose ability to link innovative production with consensual reception making him one of the most unique and original figures in the game.

In the years since their inception WhoMadeWho have established themselves as one of the definitive underground bands of their generation, renowned for their exceptional grasp of emotional depth, heartrending melody and inspired song writing. The group, comprised of Tomas Høffding, Tomas Barfod and Jeppe Kjellberg, inject consummate professionalism into standout performances all over the globe, from Roskilde to Sonar, Melt! to Burning Man and have produced seven albums and a plethora of EPs, singles and remixes on labels like Kompakt, Innervisions, Life & Death. With Barfod’s penchant for electronic music poetically juxtaposed with Høffding and Kjellberg’s respective backgrounds in rock and jazz, their music is an electrifying combination of sounds, merging a variety of influences to produce a unique sonic fingerprint that is emotive, irresistible and immensely satisfying.

WhoMadeWho & Rampa – UUUU (&ME Remix) is out now via Embassy One.

WhoMadeWho – UUUU (Album) will be released on May 27 via Embassy One. Pre-order here.