INTERVIEW: Marcel Reix


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How are you? What’s good and what’s bad in your world?

M: Hi, I’m fine thanks, enjoying answering these questions…  Honesty, fidelity, self-esteem and metaphysics are always good for me. Something bad in my world can be arrogance, a lie…

Where and when did you first get into electronic music? What sounds and scenes?

M: It was in my native country Venezuela, approximately in 1997 I was captivated by the Eurodance of Melanie Thorton (Le Bouche), two years later by some tracks of Paul van Dyk, and a couple of years later in exactly the year 2001 my culture musical gave a resounding twist of trance to techno and that was when I discovered Marco Carola and Gaetano Parisio, there began another story for me.

How long until you found your own sound? What is that sound? What makes you, you?

M: Wow many years … I feel that now I can achieve a Techno sound identifiable by the type of rhythm I project and the development of the tracks. It usually makes me feel energetic, I’ve came to the conclusion that while I’m producing a track, starting from the initial loop if it makes me dance and imagine playing it … Bingo! but of course, this doesn’t always happen hahaha

What’s it like getting props from people such as Dubfire and Marco Carola? Does that feedback help?

M: Dubfire discovered me in 2008 thanks to a remix made by my old friend Sergio Muñoz (half Fur Coat) which Dubfire played a lot. From there I was lucky to connect with him. Years later we met and since then we keep in touch eventually. Without a doubt it is one of the artists that has given more support to my music all these years, I am super grateful for this. In the case of Marco, he discovered me thanks to a remix that made me another good friend, Roberto Chriqui in 2009. Of course these feedbacks help in all aspects, thanks to that I’m full of motivation to continue this project and for me is always an honor and a pleasure to know that they play my music occasionally, like me theirs … that’s what it is about. Let’s the music play 🙂

Tell us about your new album? What informs or inspires it?

M: Ancient Mood consists of 9 tracks, showing a clear variety in the Techno Genre, some transition tracks like  Square, Leben and  Forgetting, others more melodic like  Bohemian Grove and  Organic, and some simpler abstracts and bangers. In my opinion, I am trying to approach the “replica” of Techno sound in the late 90s on some issues, such as  Rumble, Roller Coaster and  Ancient Mood.

Were all the tracks written with an album in mind, do they all add up to the same story or is it a collection of bits you’ve made?

M: It’s a collection

Tell us about your label – what is the mission and sound?

M:  I love discovering artists and maybe through my label some new talents can start, I say start because my label is still being born. The mission of my label is to release a sound which I am still discovering … somewhat mystical! and then, so many showcases and events for sure.

What are the best and worst bits of having your own label?

M:  I think that it is always positive to have a label as long as it is used with strategy, to know when, why and how to release music is important, at least in my philosophy as a label manager … I do not want to have a label that only releases music for release.

What else are you working on/have you got coming up?

M:  I am working on upcoming EPs, one for my label and others for record labels that I still can’t mention but they are super interesting. I’m also about to confirm a next Fire & Fog showcase in Barcelona.

What was the last record you bought and why?

M: X/OZ 001. Invisible Limits vol1… I love the Techno that Exos make, is unique!


Marcel’s LP ‘Ancient Mood’ is out on November 8th