INKKØ Debuts on Curiosity Music with ‘Moon’ EP


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Originating from Bordeaux, ‘Moon’ is the very first EP from the young DJ and producer, INKKØ. A relative newcomer to the electronic music scene, INKKØ has all the hallmarks of a great artist. Coming from a multicultural family, he has been influenced by a myriad of different sounds and music genres, creating a rich, well-mastered, and powerful atmosphere in his tracks.  

The three original tracks composed on ‘Moon’ are electrifying. In the title track, INKKØ takes the listener on a journey through deep beats and pure melodic lines. 

The second track, ‘Fall’, unveils a darker and more mysterious side of the artist’s mind.  It starts beautifully subdued but transitions to a track that can burn the house down. INKKØ  takes the listener through seemingly endless rising loops, drops to die for, and at the same time, uncompromising and perfectly polished sounds. 

Last but not least, we have ‘Ascension’ — a track made for the dance floor. Evocative, emotional, textured, structured, colored, the track is a true mental firework! The synths are a tribute to the ’80s and are paired exquisitely with a strong beat that you cannot escape. 

To complete the EP, the musician, DJ, and producer Babylene brings her 15 years of experience to the table to provide an intense remix of the track ‘Fall’. Babylene plays in the best clubs and festivals of France, and has been resident on Radio Sensations alongside D’Julz or Marc Romboy. 

INKKØ – Moon EP is out now via Curiosity Music.