G-Star’s ‘RAW RAVE’ at the Rijksmuseum: What It’s Like to Attend ADE’s Most Sought-After Party Invite


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G-Star “RAW RAVE” at RIJKS – What It’s Like to Attend ADE’s Most Sought-After Party Invite, where ‘fashion and music industry insiders outnumber regular people’

  • G-Star RAW’s 30th Anniversary bash at the RIJKS, with performances from TITIA, Boys Noize and De Staat was jam packed with international industry insiders & celebs.

In honor of the 30-year anniversary of G-Star RAW, the iconic Passage under the Rijksmuseum was taken over by RAW RAVE on Thursday, October 17th, Day 2 of ADE. Music performances by De Staat, Boys Noize and TITIA transformed the evening into a unique musical experience with an energetic mix of rave, breakbeat, acid and electro music.

We were amongst the 1,500 fans, who danced the night away under the iconic Rijksmuseum bicycle Passage outfitted with strobe lights. The most sought after party invite at this year’s ADE 2019 delivered on all fronts. The industry only private party welcomed titans of music and fashion under one roof on a fine autumn night–marking the brand’s three successful decades. A lucky number of G-Star fans obtained access through an online raffle where approximately 6,000 consumers participated in.

G-Star RAW Rave at Rijksmuseum – ADE 2019 (Album)

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With this live event, G-Star RAW marked the start of a three-year collaboration with Amsterdam Dance Event, a club festival with more than 400,000 guests and more than 2,500 artists.

The three-decade anniversary would not be complete without a striking G-Star collection, simply registered “30-Y Collection.” The collection is inspired by pieces that have been associated with the denim brand since it was founded in 1989 and now has a place within the infamous “G-Star Archive.

Priceless Surprises: Witnessed Boys Noize and TITIA tear up the RIJKS, then bumped into familiar faces from trips to Barcelona—the Boisset Brothers. Coincidentally partying at RAW RAVE with fellow travelers capped a memorable Day 2 of ADE.

TITA & Boys Noize

For some time now, it’s been on our bucket-list to party at the Rijksmuseum during ADE, being able to fulfill it with performances from Boys Noize and TITIA, is icing on the cake.

A special shout-out to G-STAR RAW for an incredibly memorable night, we can’t wait for ADE 2020. Until the next year!

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The Boisset Brothers (Mikel & Alex)

**More on the Boisset Brothers (Mikel and Alex) from our upcoming SPOTLIGHT: SPAIN feature. Stay tuned!