EXCLUSIVE: D’JULZ x We Own The Nite Playlist, the bonafide legend showcases 5 NYC labels


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D’JULZ x We Own The Nite NYC Playlist

A legend on top of his game, D’Julz aka Julien Veniel is a master behind the decks whose longevity can be attributed to his knack for always being 5 steps ahead. This knack for seeing past music genres and trends is one of the many reasons why he is on top of his game, transforming him into a magician—he dynamically influences the ever-evolving electronic music scene via his DJ sets, music productions, including his label Bass Culture’s two-decade-plus (21 year milestone) club night at Rex Club in Paris.

Ahead of his NYC performance at 101 Brooklyn on October 28th, the influential Parisian and Bass Culture label boss, D’Julz dishes on his 5 favorite NYC labels and the importance of living in the Big Apple (in the 90s) in shaping his music.

“With a good 15 crates, NY music constitutes a pretty big part of my record collection so needless to say it was hard to pick only 5 labels. For this reason, I will leave aside the most obvious ones like Nu Groove, Strictly Rhythm, Emotive, King St, Ibadan to focus and these others.” In chronological order:

1) Fourth Floor

Starting in the late 80’s, (the original) Fourth Floor records was together with Nu Groove and Franky bones’ labels. Very representative of the NY rave sound. This one particular track which was a proper anthem in Paris illegal parties and I imagine everywhere else.

2) Hardtrax

This label created by Cevin Fisher and Cliff st Cyr really reminds me of Sound Factory circa 93-94.  I was lucky to dance my socks off countless times to these tracks on the best sound system I’ve ever heard.


3) Sex Trax

This sub-label of DJ Duke’s power music was also tailored made for Sound Factory’s system. It features mostly artists originally from Chicago with their unique wild pitch style that I love so much.

4) SOM Underground

Let’s now take the New Jersey tunnel.  Brothers Vibe label is another favorite of mine since day one. Tony’s groove is so unique that to this day all of his records ended up finding their way in my box.

5) Underground Quality

Okay, I know. technically speaking Jus Ed label isn’t from NY but from Connecticut.  Still and because it introduced so many representatives of this new “NY sound” – Qu, Fred P, Levon Vincent, Joey Anderson).  I dared to put it in this list. I’m hoping Ed won’t kill me for it 😉


D’JULZ recently launched a new label ‘JV’ collaborating with highly esteemed French distributor Yoyaku, JV is set to evolve with D’Julz showcasing his own productions while bringing in masterful talents to collaborate, and with the music policy being very much open, it’s guaranteed to be a consummate source of electronic music.

“With Bass Culture Records nearing its tenth anniversary, it’s absolutely the right time to artistically invest in a new project. The music coming from Yoyaku and sub-labels like Hostom, AKU and Yoyakuza, is consistently high-grade stuff. We both share the same ethos of bringing a fresh generation of artists to the forefront, so working together is sure to be totally inspiring.”

His two-tracker EP kicks off with ‘Chaplin Bong’, a euphonic groove-packed house cut that is sheer liquid perfection evolving with a combination of dubby techno stabs penetrating a rolling disco bassline. ’J’y Vais’, which translates to “I go”, is a deep and bass-heavy old school track that’s hewn from Chicago influences. A propulsive, sheen-polished dancefloor gripper.

You can listen to snippets of the ‘JV’ EP here:

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