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Hailing from Valparaiso (Chile), Marco Villarroel moved to Borlänge (Sweden), and onto Copenhagen (Denmark). Moving from place to place, he enriched his musical and cultural knowledge, infusing different elements into his musical productions. As a former tour DJ for Sean Kingston, and a Swedish Battle DJ champ, his high-energy mixing, sampling and scratching with four CDJs is as thrilling to see as it is to hear. The prolific producer has spent the last few years focusing on taking his sound to the next level, and with this latest release he showcases his ability to craft larger-than-life creations that are destined to be played from the biggest dancefloors around the globe.

Hey Gettobabyjesus! Welcome to We Own The Nite NYC! How are you & where are you at the moment?

Hey guys! Thank you so much! I’m good thank you! Right now, in Sweden visiting family!

Congratulations on your new single Save Me – can you tell us a little bit about the track, how it came about and what the initial response has been like?

Thank you! Save me was made in the very first stage of lockdown in Denmark, where for me my life turned upside down in matters of days. I believe the song showcases a dark, heavy feeling that progresses into a drop with a light, progressive touch to give a hopeful feeling, which was very much my emotions during that time.

For me it’s always about my inner circle of family and friends and if they like and approve the song that’s enough for me but the response from outside has been positive!

Who or what have been your biggest inspirations in your career so far?

Jazzy Jeff, DJ Craze, DJ AM, Laidback Luke are huge influences into how I want to portray myself as a DJ in terms of the art.

Armand Van Helden’s – My My My is what made me completely fall in love in house music at a young age.

How did you get into the music scene?

I actually started cleaning bathrooms at a nightclub that then elevated into me running a nightclub and a festival. From bedroom DJ to winning Sweden’s biggest battle DJ competition and touring with Sean Kingston as his DJ.

What do you hope to achieve music wise over the next 6 months?

To get more songs out and hopefully starting to build a storyline that I can showcase in the music and in different genres.

What has been the craziest moment of your career to date?

A week ago, I played a show at a club close to my hometown in Sweden. And that was the first time I’ve played my previous single Shivers and I saw in the crowd a couple of people singing along the lyrics of the song… maybe not the craziest but definitely a moment that I will never forget.

Who would you like collaborate with and why?

Diplo or Dillon Francis. I believe we have similar taste in music and would have fun.

What’s the best city to perform in?

Oslo for sure.

What do you have coming up next?

Save Me is the first song out of 4 coming out of an EP titled Lost & Found that I have planned to release on Breeze Records. So, one song each month until July is the plan.

Of course, touring a lot in Scandinavia and a festival summer in Sweden and Norway is planned right now and hopefully some shows outside of Scandinavia this year!

What would you like to see change in the music industry?

Million dollar question there! I would love for the industry to become more performance based instead of a popularity contest. I believe there is a lot of musicians out there that never gets the chance to showcase their talent because they cannot navigate through the politics and dark alleys of the industry.

Thanks to speaking to us today!

Thank you, guys! Great questions and hopefully we’ll speak again soon!