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Encapsulating the essence of summer in sonic form, International singer/songwriter Coco Benson flaunts her musical finesse with an empowering new single, ‘Majesty’, in collaboration with globally renowned producer Shizzi. Blending a wide range of musical elements, Coco and Shizzi set the tone with delicate instrumentals, tribal-infused rhythms and an infectious house bassline. Introducing Coco’s soulful vocals, ‘Majesty’ features uplifting melodies and rich sound design, resulting in an addictive and powerful cut. Providing a stunning visual accompaniment, the official music video is a regal feast for the eyes, transporting the viewer into Her Majesty’s dazzling dimension. We had a chance to catch up with Coco from her home in Atlanta to find out more…

Hi Coco Benson! How are you today and where are we chatting to you from? Pleasure having you here on We Own The Nite NYC.

Hi We Own The Nite NYC! Nice to meet, I’m doing fabulous. Chatting to you live from Atlanta, GA.

Could you tell us a little bit about your background and how you got into music?

I grew up loving music since I was a little girl. I was always into entertaining myself and others musically.  My grandfather Bobby Benson was a high life pioneer from West Africa, Nigeria. He honestly paved the way. Although I never met him, his spirit of music definitely got passed on to me. I was inspired by him and inspired my eldest sister, who would always be in all the musical plays. I would watch and learn in amazement until it was really my time to start finding my voice.

You have travelled all over the world and lived in many different places. How does this translate into the music you create?

Growing up in Switzerland was amazing, traveling to Ghana/Nigeria and many other places was also amazing. I’ve been inspired by the theme of locations. Each place is unique and from that, each have a  unique sound. Being in Switzerland I grew up around pop & house music. Africa was all about the rhythm/drums/chimes. When you hear different artist from these locations it inspired me to mesh my heritage together allowing me to do Afro-House, Afro-pop and soul music. Honestly, there is no limit to creating. 

Your new single ‘Majesty’ is wonderful! Can you let us know a little bit about the track and how it came about? How was working with your husband Shizzi?

Aw, *smiles* Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it. Majesty came about one night when Shizzi and I decided to create. As he was going through his sounds, we came across a particular “je ne sais quoi”whatever that chord was struck inspiration instantly! We were both so excited. I knew it was going to be a woman empowering song. We both understood the assignment lol! Working with my husband is wonderful, we put aside “relationship” and focus on the work! He’s an absolute perfectionist rightfully so (it made him who he is today) but sometimes I can get in my feelings because I might hit the wrong note and he’ll let me know I did, he won’t let anything slide! It’s get it right or go home.  If I get frustrated, it’s always temporary but when that end results sparks, the magic is there. We have amazing chemistry, and I mean it’s Shizzi, how blessed am I to work with him and how great is it for him to have me! (Light brag) haha 😉

What was filming the music video for ‘Majesty’ like? What did you wish to portray in the video?

The music video was a royal miracle. To keep a long story short, I found a director and just before we were about to film, the director canceled on me and the team! I kept my composure and so did the rest of the team. After some regrouping, we found another director and it was go time!All I wanted to portray was royalty. When you hear Majesty, it’s a song that makes you feel powerful and it makes you feel important. I want to the video to be majestic. My team did a brilliant job, everything was done from scratch in about three days and one thing I learned from this music video is to stick to what you believe in, have patience and it will surely come out perfectly. 

With the world slowly starting to open up again, where do you wish to perform ‘Majesty’ live?

I love performing live. I actually prefer it to being in the studio can you believe that! I would love perform my song on big the  stages, in England or in America, perhaps even at private events.  I am actually a really great entertainer when it comes to live performances so any opportunity that I get, I know it’ll be satisfying. There’s nothing more that I love, than making people feel good about themselves through my voice and songs. 

Your debut EP is in the works. What can we expect from it, and when do you think it will be coming out?

My goal for the EP is to be released end of July or beginning of August. This will be five tracks of a little bit of everything. You can expect some beautiful love songs, you can expect some street vibes and you can just expect good music all the way through and it all starts with Majesty, so stay tuned! 

Who are your biggest musical inspirations? 

Tina Turner, Sade, Toni Braxton. Besides my inspirations I spoke of above, did you realize that all of these three women have deep, raspy, yet soft and strong voices Just like my voice. These are very unique voices and I’m proud to be inspired by them daily. 

How do you stay motivated and driven? 

I’m so passionate about music, I love it so much but another motivation for me now are my two beautiful children. They watch my videos, they sing my songs and even call me Coco Benson sometimes,  it’s really funny. There’s something about seeing your “mini me’s” just be inspired by what you do if it’s nobody else, at least they have them and their unconditional love lol. That really keeps me driven honestly and of course my amazing Fanbase my Coco Pops, I love you guys for always sticking by me.

Is there anything else you would like to add? 

I want to thank you for this interview and I’m so glad that you enjoyed Majesty and excited for the rest of the world to hear it. I can’t wait for you all to hear the rest of my EP on the way soon and there is so much more to come. Wait on it. Mwah. Coco 

Coco Benson & Shizzi – Majesty is out now