David Morales Releases ‘Life Is A Song’ on DIRIDIM


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Marking his first full-length studio album in over a decade, Grammy Award-winning producer David Morales releases Life Is A Song on his DIRIDIM imprint. 

Encompassing the true essence of David Morales, Life Is A Song opens a new chapter in his illustrious career. Showcasing his masterful orchestration of old school sounds and modern sensibilities, this long player takes listeners on a sonic journey across fifteen tracks, bursting with soul and undeniable groove. Featuring an array of established and up-and-coming artists, Morales joins forces with previous collaborators Blakkat, blondewearingblack, Delta, DJ Rae, Elle Cato, Lea Lorien, Michelle Perera, Mr. V, Toshi and Ultra Naté, and adds new names to his collaborative discography with Babygirl, Joe Roberts, Scott Paynter and Tilly.

Complete with numerous dance-ready cuts (The FeelsEasy, Come Undone, No Boundaries, What Can I Do and Hela), a host of uplifting creations (Never Give UpNever Looking BackI Can Dream and Life Is A Song) and some more emotive offerings (Can’t Get EnoughCome The Moment and Second Chance), this diverse new opus gives a first-hand insight into Morales’ vast musical musings. Working his magic on Donna Summer’s iconic anthem I Feel Love, and revisiting his own classic In De Ghetto with a new makeover Party In De Ghetto, Morales also demonstrates his innate ability to evolve with the generations, whilst keeping the fibre of his foundations alive.

“Life Is A Song is a collection of music I wrote during the lockdown and is a reflection of where my head is at musically. My personal life is expressed through music, and without travel & touring, I had more time than ever to focus on producing. Over that period, and thanks to technology, I worked with some new artists, and collaborated with others that I had worked with before. There are lots of great sounds and textures out there, and I have been evolving and exploring, but always keep that classic groove. There’s plenty more to follow, but for now I hope that it can spread positivity and joy to all who hear it.” – David Morales
With a career spanning over 30 years, David Morales is one of electronic music’s most cherished personalities. A native New Yorker, Morales was one of the first superstar DJs to actively tour the world. His discography boasts an endless array of hits, including star-studded remixes for the likes of Mariah Carey, U2, Michael Jackson, Aretha Franklin, Jamiroquai, Madonna and Whitney Houston. Without him, the global phenomenon and penetration of dance music into Top 40 radio would not have been possible. Launching his DIRIDIM imprint in 2018, David created a home for his own productions, as well as a space to champion up-and-coming talent with a soulful flair. Consistently at the forefront of the electronic music scene, David Morales continues to innovate and pave the way for the next generation.

David Morales – Life Is A Song is out now via DIRIDIM.

1. David Morales / Elle Cato – I Feel Love
2. David Morales / Delta / Scott Paynter – Party In De Ghetto
3. David Morales / Michelle Perera – Never Give Up
4. David Morales Feat Mr. V / Scott Paynter / DJ Rae – The Feels
5. David Morales / Joe Roberts – Easy
6. David Morales / DJ Rae – Come Undone
7. David Morales / Blakkat / Paolo Sessa – Can’t Get Enough
8. David Morales Feat. Tilly – No Boundaries
9. David Morales / blondewearingblack – What Can I Do
10. David Morales / Toshi – Hela
11. David Morales / Blakkat / BabyGirl – Come The Moment
12. David Morales / Lea Lorien – Never Looking Back
13. David Morales / Blakkat – Second Chance
14. David Morales / Ultra Naté – I Can Dream
15. David Morales / Michelle Perera – Life Is A Song