Grimes Talks New Song “Delete Forever” With Zane Lowe on Apple Music’s Beats 1


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Grimes is on the cover of New Music Daily today on Apple Music. She speaks to Zane Lowe about her new song “Delete Forever,” calling it “a pretty bummer song… kind of about the Opioid Epidemic” and says she wrote it the night Lil Peep passed away. She says “I think when I was making this song I was like “oh I’m Patsy Cline” but that it ended up having a “Wonderwall vibe.”

Grimes on “Delete Forever”

“I mean, the song is pretty, it’s a pretty bummer song. Oh my God, I’m so bad at talking about this song. I guess this song is kind of- I guess it’s kind of about the opioid epidemic and that kinda thing ’cause uh, I’ve had like, quite a few friends actually like, pass away in particular one friend when I was like 18 passed away, from complications related to opioid addiction. It’s just like, you know, artists keep dying and stuff so, I wrote this song on the night Lil Peep died or whatever ’cause I just got super- super triggered by that.”

Video | Grimes on “Delete Forever’

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“It’s funny ’cause the finished product, is actually basically almost the demo. Like, this was definitely a situation where I took the song, made the song, and spent like months trying to make the song, you know- Like, uh. Like it needs at least one other guitar, you know, like just kinda like, trying to make it something, and then like right when we were mixing, like right at the last minute, I was just like literally, went to the 800 files and just like delete, delete, delete, delete, delete, like deleting just killing stems and then- I think like at the- when I was making this song I was trying to be more like, I think I was like, oh, I’m like Patsy Cline or something, like I was trying to be like country or something- But I feel like its- it ends up having this sort of like Wonderwall kind of vibe or something. I feel like there’s a reason that song is so popular. Like, that song does rule.”

Audio | Grimes on “Delete Forever’

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