INTERVIEW: A-Trak talks ‘Blaze,’ official 2020 collab plans with brother Dave 1 + new music


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A-Trak talks ‘Blaze,’ official 2020 collab plans with brother Dave 1, and more on New Music Daily on Apple Music’s Beats 1

A-Trak FaceTimes Zane Lowe on New Music Daily on Apple Music’s Beats 1. In the interview, he talks about new song “Blaze” with Friend Within and how they knocked it out in one sitting. He mentions linking up with Loods the same day for the other song on the single “What Can I Do.” He also spoke about 2020 plans, revealing he and his brother Dave 1 from Chromeo are making music together on an official collaborative project, including a remix for Raphael Saadiq, he has music with Cam’ron coming, and possibly new Duck Sauce.

A-Trak on making ‘Blaze’ with Friend Within

A-Trak: I was in London, I think it was late summer. I had a few days between touring stuff. I linked up with Friend Within. I’ve actually known him for a long time because he used to make music under the name of Lee Mortimer. We put out an early record on Fool’s Gold a long time ago, but I love what he’s doing as Friend Within. And we knocked most of that track out in one sit down, in one day. And then that same week I linked up with Loods and we made the track What Can I Do that just came out three weeks ago also. So both of those songs came from London link-ups that came together pretty easily and it was fun to knock them out.

A-Trak on his 2020 plans including making music with his brother Dave 1 from Chromeo, music with Cam’ron and possibly new Duck Sauce

A-Trak: The focus is a few collaborative projects, which I can’t divulge everything just yet. But one thing I can definitely say is, my brother and I are finally making records together. So the Brothers Macklovitch, we’ve done a bunch of DJ sets together, and you know anybody that knows me and Dave… For those who don’t know, my brother is one half of Chromeo. We’ve always been very involved in each other’s music, but we just never really made the collaborative records officially as just me and him. We just always had a hand in each other’s stuff. But now we’re actually making these records together. We did a remix for Raphael Saadiq that’s going to come out really soon. Raphael Saadiq, in my opinion, made the best album of the year. And if anybody didn’t hear his album, please go listen to that. It’s incredible. But we did a remix for Saadiq the God, and then we have our own originals coming shortly after on Fool’s Gold. So that’s one thing I’m excited about. Then there’s other exciting things, one of which might feel like an anticipated return, but we’ll see. I think I’ve gotten to the point where each thing that I’ve worked on is pretty defined musically. There’s some music that I’ve worked on with Cam’ron for a long time where I’m sure we’re going to put some of that out too, on the hip hop side. So if I have an idea for a track, I’ll know right away whether this is… If it’s a solo A-Trak thing, or if it’s me and Dave, it’s Brothers Macklovitch, or if it’s the unmentioned collaboration [Duck Sauce] that you may have mentioned. Because they all have a very defined musical style. And in the middle of that, I’m just having fun with remixes too. But there’s a lot of music that I recorded this year that’s going to come out next year. And it feels like it’s all fitting in these little buckets, so then it’s fun to just roll them out.

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Credit to New Music Daily with Zane Lowe on Apple Music’s Beats 1.