GRAZZE returns to BeatFreak with “Beyond Her Farewell” EP


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GRAZZE, without rushing but at a good pace, is establishing himself as one of the most prolific Spanish producers in the current scene. Over the last year we’ve been able to see how his effort and dedication have turned into releases on labels such as Anjunadeep, Glasgow Underground, Armada Electronic Elements, ZEHN Records, Einmusika and BeatFreak.

GRAZZE couldn’t have had a better start to 2020. He made his debut on Zerothree with the EP “In Our Hearts/Hesze” just a few weeks ago, and after that, he released the track “Blessivini” on Anjunadeep. Now, in  February, he returns to D-Formation’s label: BeatFreak. The EP’s title is “Beyond Her Farewell” and it is composed of three original tracks and three remixes. “GraceMoh” takes us to science fiction atmospheres through its infectious rhythm and captivating vocals. “Valentia” immerses us in more ethereal lands thanks to its subtle and suggestive nature that grows in complexity as it develops. And lastly, “Beyond Her Farewell”, a track that doesn’t stop evolving and transforming, formed byseveral ups and downs.

Regarding remixes, D-Formation chooses “GraceMoh” and takes it to deeper and more intense spaces using a skilled control of the deepest frequencies. Michael & Levan with Stiven Rivic choose “Beyond Her Farewell”,  keeping the changing nature of the original track, but adding a patina of disturbing darkness. And lastly, Betoko’s remix, who eliminates all the present subtleties in “Valentia” keeping only the key elements to go straight to the point.

The EP “Beyond Her Farewell” will be available on BeatFreak from the 9th of March