4 Spanish artists you should keep on your radar


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Check out 4 Spanish artists that we can assure you don’t wanna miss. 

1.La Santa

The most important thing you should know about La Santa is that she has a totally unique electronic music vision. This means that she has created her own style, which lives in a whirlwind of constant evolution. Even so, there are a series of elements that are always present in her productions: harmonies, rhythms loaded with sensuality, emotion and groove.

Her latest release was “Malik, Arya Kala“, a studio co-production with the enigmatic producer Blueheist. The EP has three original tracks that coexist in the same mystical universe. “Malik” is defined as a tribal journey. “Arya” with her captivating vocals and darker nature manages to increase the intrigue. And “Kala” immerses the listener in a science fiction atmosphere. Stereo Productions, Chus & Ceballos’ label, released this EP on November 18th.


What defines this DJ and producer from Extremadura the most is his deep and genuine love for the analog world and vinyl. His passion for traditional methods has led him to make his live performances an ode to machines and synthesizers. But don’t be mistaken, his sound is deeply contemporary, personal, different, and always loaded with surprises.

Trømmel’s latest release has been the mini album “Trophic Cascade”. The 6 original tracks: “Ecosystem”, “Plantae”, “Animalia”, “The Bacteriums”, “Protist Kingdom” and “Eukaryote”, all share the same electronic approach. A succession of layers and elements that result in tracks that never stop growing and evolving. And, not surprisingly, this journey of Techno  is joined by sound experimentation. Sungate Records, a label based in Madrid, was in charge of releasing it.


I AM JAS, an artist under Musica Cavernicola’s management, has a very deep connection both with music and nature, which is why his electronic productions give off such sensitivity and creativity. As for his style, it’s organic, mystical and a true journey for the senses.

His latest project was a remix of Jepe’s “If You’re Gone” released on Musica Cavernicola. A remix that since its launch has become the most popular track on the EP due to its rhythm that hooks the listener from the first moment, the use of perfectly chosen harmonic elements and an evocative guitar. Therefore, it comes to no surprise that it’s part of Beatport’s Indie Dance Top 50 chart.


Señora began as a duo but is currently a solo project by DJ and producer Daniel Simón, an artist from Elche but currently living in Berlin. It is often said that his approach to production is innovative. A statement that stems from his predilection for the fusion of all kinds of elements. From sounds of machines to animals to all kinds of strange noises. In this sense, it could be said that the engine of his music is sound experimentation.

At the beginning of November his debut album was finally released. “Fosil” is its title and the North American label Lurid Music was in charge of its release. Señora affirms that the 9 tracks “aim to reflect on the next evolutionary steps of the human race.” A project that is very ambitious, but at the same time, very powerful. And that’s not all, Señora has announced that very soon he will release his second album, which he created during isolation.

We hope you like these 4 Spanish artists.