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Hot off the back of her critically acclaimed ‘Flying’ EP with Torsten Kanzler on 100% Pure in March, German techno icon Anna Reusch looks to continue her fine run of studio form as she prepares to drop her second huge EP of 2020 with the formidable three-track package ‘Come With Me’. Due for release on April 20th via Christian Smith’s Tronic imprint, ‘Come With Me’ marks Anna’s third outing on the esteemed Swedish imprint following her ‘Atmosphere’ EP in March 2019 and ‘Runnin’ in September. We sat down with her to find out more…

Hi Anna, a very warm welcome to We Own The Nite. Great to have you with us for the first time!

Thanx for having me.

Please can you introduce yourself to our readers?

I am a DJ since I am 15 years old, loving groovy and warm electronic music as much as I love living on a farm surrounded by nature. 

Despite everything that’s going on in the world right now, how has 2020 been for you so far?

2020 actually looked like a great year for me. I had a lot of great gigs in the first two months, made my Netherlands and USA debut for example. A nice EP on 100% Pure came out and to my Tronic EP I am really looking forward. 

Congratulations on the release of your latest Flying EP release on 100% Pure. Can you talk to us about the record and the creative process behind it?

Thank u. I made two of these tracks already last year but none label that I had chosen wanted to release them. For me “Flying” is a typical rave track. Cool groove, simple break and a cool groove. You can use it as a tool, too. “Cannot see us” is a bit for deeper moments, when people are lost in the music, in the moment, when they are listening.  

How did the introduction to Torsten come about? 

Some day I talked with Torsten. Probably about house and garden because we both live in the country and build there a lot ourselves. I said “hey, are you interested to make remixes?”. He said “yes” and later we decided that it would look better to name the whole EP under Anna&Torsten. I love working with people which I like or value.  

And we understand you have a new EP coming up on Christian Smith’s Tronic imprint? Can you talk to us about that?

Yes, I have and I am really looking forward because I am super happy with this one. Its a three track EP and all three tracks are different. I wanted to make an EP that reflects my DJ style. I never play the same tempo or style the whole playtime. I love to build up, or on a sunny day I play more groovy. During a sweaty club night I also play dark. I love the whole bandwidth of electronic music. I think with my next EP I will risk to be even more different. But for now, I am happy with “Come with me” a track that always works because of its super danceable groove. “Knockin” a classic rave tune with a striking synth an “Bleed” a stripped one for the dark and hot club nights. 

With the majority of the world now in lockdown due to the outbreak of COVID-19, and with large-scale events cancelled across the board, what are you doing to keep yourself busy during this period?

I live on a farm with a lot of animals so I am always busy beside my music 🙂 I already did live streams, what I never do normally. I decided to do a monthly mix with all my actually favorites. One can find them on my soundcloud page. And after all my shelf is full with good books and my garden is big.

Presuambly you have a lot more time to spend in the studio at the moment. What are your favourite pieces of studio equipment right now? 

That’s the saddest thing about the situation actually: I am not able to go to the studio because since two years I am working with Dave Robertson and he is living in UK. I will collect ideas in the next weeks that we can finalize these in UK later. 

Who or what were your biggest musical influences growing up?

That was not something or anyone, but the whole culture. I always feel good to be admits of ravers. Everybody is nice, it doesn’t matter who you are. When I started clubbing with early 15 years I enjoyed to feel save and protected. The most time I travel alone, went out the club also alone and I have never been scared until today.

Top 5 favourite records you love to listen to at home right now?

Just 5 what’s make me feel good, that’s hard, here the classic ones: 

C’mon N’ Ride It – Quad City DJs 

The Bomb – The Bucketheads 

Red Alert – Basement Jaxx

Unfinished Sympathy 2006 – Massive Attack

Keep Control – Sono 

What do you have coming up over the rest of the year?

Hopefully gigs 🙂 

Any final words for our WOTN readers

Stay healthy and positive <3 

Thanks Anna!