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Back in his native Australia for the first time in over two decades following a twenty-five-year stint living in the USA, Antipodean producer, DJ and label boss Barbuto is a man on a mission. Boasting a slew of hugely successful releases on the likes of Octopus Recordings, Tronic, Phobiq, Unity, OFF Recordings, Transmit Recordings and his own Mavic Music imprint over the past few years, the Sydney-born talent now looks to grab 2022 by the horns as he unveils his latest musical offering, Techno Colour Dreams.

Released via his burgeoning label Mavic Music alongside a trio of remixes from some of the most exciting up-and-coming artists on the Australian circuit, Techno Colour Dreams is a veritable masterclass in modern, driving techno, courtesy of a producer at the very top of his game right now. Inaugurating the four-part package with the uncompromising title track Techno Colour Dreams, Barbuto’s relentless opener exudes raw, energetic dynamism across its six-minute duration as he combines pulsating basslines and cutting-edge production techniques with MC Flipside’s inimitable spoken word topline to open his 2022 catalogue in emphatic fashion.

Hey Christian! How are you doing?

Never been better. Asides from our obvious nuevo challenges with covid we all face things are good in Australia.

First things first, how’s this year kicked off for you?

Well it kicked off with a serious techno bashing at The WeLove New Years party in Kings Cross in Australia. I love playing in Sydney and especially at WeLove events. I’m still buzzing from it but I’m ready for another solid party to play.

Big ups on the release of your new EP ’Techno Colour Dreams’. Tell us about the release?

Thanks allot. I try to make music that doesn’t sound the same as allot of the popular techno coming out these days albeit how darn impressive it all is. I have a certain warm but dark heavy groove that is quite easy and fun in nature in most my tracks with simple bold riffs and impacts. My style feels honest and when I play it people always dance so I stick to it. I did that with this track and played it without Flipside’s vocal for several months and it did really well on the dance floor but I wanted to do more than just a in the box production so I reached out to him for a top line and he rocked it. It is also my first release having landed in Australia so wanted it to be special. There are 3 top notch producers from around Sydney on remix, Lisa May, Ludovic and Mike Turing who gave the original a solid rub.

Is there a particular message behind this title?

There is a message in the lyrics so hence the title. “Modulating sound waves instigating frequency choose your color to discover everything your meant to see brand new perspective reconnected align divine this energy it’s never what it seems, it’s never what it seems.

Has this EP been in the works for a long time?

I wrote the beats in early 2020 and played it as an easy floor filling chugger that could be played early in the night which is what I was doing allot of in Austin at the time. The frequency is nice and full and un-opinionated (not too serious and not too peak hour-ish) so it was just a solid steady groove. After 6 months or so I just didn’t want to release plain tracks anymore, tracks without something special so that’s when I got in touch with Flip to do the vocals.

Was there anything that influenced/inspired its creation?

I’m constantly being influenced by the hundreds of amazing producers out there that I hear every week so it”s a constant balance of inspiration, competitiveness and a desire to keep up and stay relevant. Not every project becomes a track, some are duds but luckily this one kind of just fell into place.

Where did you grow up and what is the music scene like there?

I grew up mostly between Australia and the United States. I also lived in Europe as a teenager until I was 20. My early serious influences in music was in the San Francisco and Northern California scene in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. It was insanely intense and ridiculously fun. I feel really fortunate to have been around during that hay day. But things are pretty solid here in Australia now. the scene here is incredible and I wouldn’t want t be anywhere else.

Are there any local artists that we should be keeping our eyes on?

Since they remixed Techno Colour Dreams I’m going to say my 3 remixers Lisa May, Ludovic and Mike Turing. They are highly talented and great people.

What are 5 records that haven’t left your record box recently?

Here are some bombs, Attitudes by Shaded, Don’t Understand by Charles D, Musica by Ramiro Lopez, Qadash by Thomas Schumacher and my own Hammerhead on Transmit.

What do you like to do when you’re not making music?

To be fully honest when I’m not making music I am doing admin stuff for my label, social media and other music business stuff. Rarely is there any time for anything else but I do like hiking and biking. Where I live now just south of Sydney a little over an hour it’s beautiful outdoors.

Lastly, what does 2022 look like for you?

Making it happen in Australia and getting name and brand out there. Enjoying my new studio with all new gear and being as healthy as possible. Not worrying about things and just enjoying music.

Thanks Christian!

Thank you so much I love your publication. It was an honor.

Barbuto – Techno Colour Dreams (ft MC Flipside), including remixes from Mike Turing, Lisa May and Ludovic is out now via Mavic Music