With The Roots Of House Music At Its Core, Demuir And Junior Sanchez Unite On New Label, Events & Lifestyle Brand, KULTUR


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Kultur, seeking to unify and educate with the true roots of house of music culture at its core.

Rooted in the 1970’s, house music has long been regarded as the instigator of unifying the outsiders of society, the sub-cultures that sought to seek out their own grooves. A place for people to come and feel the freedom to be oneself without fear and judgement, house music became more than just a genre, it became a movement; a rebellion against the norms that society attempted to force upon those who were deemed different. Like any cultural movement, house was built upon the act of rebellion, breaking out of the rigid shell of ‘normal’, expressing oneself and punctuated by one distinctive attitude, soul; injecting that into the music and the dancefloor.

Two artists who know those sentiments so well are Demuir and Junior Sanchez. Recognising a renewed need for unity and soul within the present cultural landscape and embodying the roots of house, Demuir and Junior come together to announce new project and future brand, KULTUR. Across various components inclusive of label releases, club events, educational talks, panels and workshops, KULTUR seeks to unify and educate, creating a new-age rebellion and movement for today, breaking down cliquey barriers.

Both steeped in the true essence of house and driven by the beat, the individual journeys of Demuir and Junior were each ignited by their own rebellious acts. Not permitted to go out to raves by his parents, instead Demuir pursued his innate passion for house music with his humility anchored in its history, producing music from his bedroom throughout his youthful high school years, eventually distributing his own records, he continues this DIY attitude today.

“Rebellion in this age of music is unity. Unifying ideas and consistently respecting the history of the music, whilst also looking future forward.”

Equally as underage, Junior Sanchez found himself aged 14, regularly playing and dancing in a club environment, with a residency at New York’s Club USA and his first record release doing the rounds. Immersed with his local sub-cultures, Junior found himself graffitiing by day and clubbing by night, all the while brushing shoulders with folks from all different walks of life, those who were unified by rebellion and the act of pride in being different.

“You can find soul in anything if you put your heart into it. If you’re making music with the pure intentions of your heart, there’s soul in there.” ~ Junior Sanchez

With strength in numbers, KULTUR brings together people from all walks of life, under the aforementioned feelings ultimately born in the underground. KULTUR’s forthcoming release schedule is set to include established artists alongside fresher faces, Kerri Chandler, DJ Sneak and Cassy alongside Josh Butler, Kristy Harper and Carlo Lio, and this is only beginning. Launching with their first KULTUR release, Demuir & Junior Sanchez team up on ‘Da Kultur’ EP, set for release on 3rd April 2020.

In addition to label activity, KULTUR also announce the launch of their event series, with a pre-launch party scheduled for the 19th March during Miami Music Week. A house music party hosted at Coyo Taco with DJ Sneak billed to play. Following this event, the pair plan to fully launch with a double header weekend in collaboration with A Club Called Rhonda on the 22nd and 23rd May, in Los Angeles and San Francisco respectively.

As technology continues to change the playing field of our musical landscape, and society seeks to single out and divide, KULTUR set a statement of substance. Rising from the notions of rebellion that initiated the house movement and drew both Junior and Demuir into the same feeling, KULTUR promotes those who put heart and soul into their craft, respecting the history of electronic music and the journey through which it has come to remain.

KULTUR events pre-launch on 19th March during Miami Music Week

Demuir & Junior Sanchez will release their ‘Da Kultur’ EP on 3rd April 2020 via Kultur

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