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How is life in lockdown for you? Are you in lockdown?

In Sweden we don’t have a forced lockdown, but we have been given a lot of personal responsibility with the information and regulations from the health ministry. I think Swedes in general put a lot of trust in our government and follow this, and so far it seems to be going quite well. But we are both a bit worried of how this will affect us now and in the future, besides music we are both self employed with our own companies.

How was the year before this broke out? What had been good for you?

Good and a bit strange, because I think this is one of the first times in my life we didn’t get any winter here in Stockholm. It was pretty much fall from October until now when spring has arrived, with just a handfull of colder days with snow for the last months

Are you using the time to make music? Are you finding it a useful and creative time?

Both yes and no. For me (Marcus) it has been the opposite as I got sick, probably with the Covid-19 virus, and have had two kids at home for that time. Now I have recovered and hopefully I will have some more music time as my oldest son can go back to pre-school. I also predict that I will have less jobs with my company as the business I’m in is affected by the current situation. For Fredrik it has been a bit more time for music as he has lost much of his event jobs that are put on hold by the corona crisis, working as a sound technician/FoH Engineer. 

I understand you used to work with Eric Prydz back in the day – what was that like? How did that come about?

We had friends in common and started to hang out, do music and DJ together here in Stockholm. This was before he made his big break and we made some releases together on different labels, among them under the name of Groove System my old imprint Armalyte, and as Hardform on Thomas Schumacher’s label Spiel-Zeug. I think we learned from each other, me from Erics production skills and him from my music knowledge when I showed him music he wasn’t into, like Detroit techno, Chicago house and other underground sounds. 

Tell us about your new EP for Sueprfreq – what inspired it, was there an aim for it from the start? A certain club or context in mind for the tunes?

We wanted to make four tracks with a bit of a different approach, but still keeping our deep, soulful and groovy style. And I think we can say the tracks have a little bit of everything from minimal deep house to techno. The track A Beautiful Soul means a lot to us as made it in the memory of our good friend that sadly left us a few years ago.


What gear did you use, is there a a fav bit of kit that really defines your sound?

I wouldn’t say our sound is in the gear, it’s very much in our mood and that we really enjoy when working together. We often do our studio session with cooking food and having some good wine. We often talk about soul in music, and I think we both put our soul into what we like, making music, cooking food or taking care of plants. If you do that it will most likely be good!

What will be the first thing you do when lockdown is over?

The first thing I will do after this is better is meeting with my parents that has been stuck in the countryside for quite some time now.

What else have you got coming up/are you working on?

We started working on new music again after some time, as none of us are doing music full time and have kids and families we don’t have as much time with music as we would like. But that also makes us enjoy music and not have to force ourself to produce. We can focus only on music!


Chords of Stockholm EP “A Beautiful Soul” is out now on Superfreq

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