OUT NOW: Rocky Valente heats up ELEVATE with her ‘Rebirth’ EP


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Rocky Valente joins Pig & Dan’s ELEVATE family with her ‘Rebirth’ EP.

Raised on an African island, born and based in Lisbon, Rocky is a whirlwind of excitement and enthusiasm. She delivers high octane techno sets inspired by her diverse cultural background and passion for self-expression through music.

Rebirth EP – Rocky Valente

This four-tracker is yet another pivotal career moment for this exciting Portuguese artist, whose summer has included shows at Beachland, Free Your Mind Festival, and Dance Valley, where Pig & Dan saw her play for the first time; they loved her sound and quickly a friendship emerged over an equal love for music, resulting in them signing her to their ELEVATE imprint.

‘Rebirth’ the EP is a masterclass in old-school-influenced acid-sharpened bangers, gritty yet melodic. All four tracks mark the start of an exciting few months for Valente.

‘Unapologetic’ pulls you straight in, with a driving bass, piston-powered stabs and a scintillating top line, tied together with a soulful vocal loop. With ‘Under the Radar’, hi hats fizz through industrial clangs, building a contagious energy. ‘Background Story’ ramps up the intensity with a haunting top line and startling, scattered percussion, climbing to a peak before the pounding beat takes over. Last but not least, ‘Negotiation’ is the black sheep of this main-room-ready release. Skilfully informed with a bubbling riff and almost trance-inspired melody that juxtapose the darkness of the kick drum, this rounds off the EP on a high.

This is a fiery debut from a hot, fresh talent, bringing a whole new edge of euphoria to the ELEVATE imprint.

‘Rebirth’ is Out Now on ELEVATE. Stream it here, and get it on vinyl or digitally.

Rocky Valente: Soundcloud | YouTube | Instagram | Facebook