gigmit Launches Game-Changing New Booking Function ‘FAN INSIGHTS’


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Streaming is changing the music industry as rapidly growing numbers of listeners generate an ever-increasing amount of data. Top that off with fan figures from social media and an unprecedented insight can be gained into the market value and the potential of a live act.

With its new FAN INSIGHTS function, Berlin-based tech company ‘gigmit’ now makes current artist fan growth rates transparent at a glance, with local reference and trend displays. It is a game-changing booking tool for clubs and festivals, local promoters, agencies, labels, A&Rs, management, tour bookers and artists themselves.

For its data collection project LASER (Live Artists Search Engine & Recommendations) gigmit received support through the European Union’s ‘Music Moves Europe’ programme. The aim of the project was to collect and analyse data and to present these invaluable insights in an easily digestible way to musicians, event organizers and the rest of the live music industry.

Talking about the ground breaking new FAN INSIGHTS function, Marcus Fitzgerald, founder and CEO of gigmit, said:

We want previously undiscovered live acts to be visible and bookable. Music professionals constantly and individually assess the potentials of artists and gigmit FAN INSIGHTS makes this job easier and the evaluation more solid.Promoters can now see at a glance how many fans a band has in their city. For example, it is possible to estimate much more accurately what club capacity is appropriate or what additional advertising expenditure is necessary. On the other hand, the band can use the data to better plan their tour.”

The result of the project can now be seen on every profile of over 110,000 artists registered on gigmit under the FAN BASE and FAN LOCATION module. These prototypes show fan growth over the past 28 days on Spotify, YouTube and Facebook and also where these streams, views and likes are generated.


Until now, meaningful fan and streaming data has been proprietary, fragmented and therefore difficult to access. Promoters were always dependent on statements of third parties in order to be able to make well-founded decisions. Presenting the new gigmit FAN INSIGHTS, booking processes may now become faster, more direct and less risky.

The free service will have an impact on the way concerts are organized in the future. Fitzgerald goes on to say:

“What counts now is not so much who is the loudest, but who people really want to hear. This is not only vital for promoters in times of a disappearing club scene, but also for agencies, labels, A&Rs, tour bookers, artists themselves. More than that, it is also key for the development of a long-term profitable and diverse live music landscape throughout Europe and beyond. If you can organize sold-out shows with data-based booking you might as well find yourself able to wander off the beaten track again. There is still so much to discover!”

Find out more on the new gigmit FAN INSIGHTS here.