Back of Beyond FSTVL Announces Line up for 2020


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Back of Beyond have teamed up with legendary East London dance behemoth We Are FSTVL to deliver their biggest and best lineup of all time on July 4th 2020. This unique celebration of all forms of house, disco, techno and drum & bass music goes down at Colesdale Farm in Hertfordshire with headliners MK, Ellie Cocks, George Mensah, George Smeddles, GW Harrison, Jess Bats, KC Lights, Nightlapse, Saffron Stone, Sammy Porter, Alex P, DJ luck & MC Neat and Andy Manston.

To celebrate three years of action, in 2020 Back of Beyond has teamed up with the award winning and game-changing team behind WE ARE FSTVL, who make their debut in the beautiful Hertfordshire countryside in real style. Because of this new collaboration, everything has been improved and increased to make for a truly essential one day festival.

We Are FSTVL founder and director Reece Miller says;‘Hertfordshire is an amazing place and all of us at We Are FSTVL can’t wait to support another exciting chapter in the now infamous Back Of Beyond story…..The show promises a brand new theme for 2020, an all star dance music lineup and more magic than ever before! Seek and you shall find….

The production is set to be immersive and explosive, with next level light and louder than ever before sound taking you far away from everyday life. The capacity is increased so more of you can get involved and make it an even more unifying event, and the headliners are all at the very top of their game. All the much loved Back Of Beyond Arenas will be back this year, but better than ever, as well as a few surprises.

The new location for 2020 is a special one, too: the stunning Colesdale Farm in Cuffley is nestled deep within Hertfordshire countryside on the borders of the London Boroughs of Enfield and Barnet, with very easy access to both the M25 and direct trains from the capital. This scenic new site means Back of Beyond can expand and grow with a bigger VIP area, lots of immersive entertainment and activities and all in an easily accessible site.

Musically, house music legend MK headliners the event alongside cutting edge DJs like frequent Beatport chart topper Ellie Cocks and fellow ABODE mainstay GW Harrison, London underground favourite George Mensah, Solotoko and SOLA artist George Smeddles, long time garage innovators DJ luck & MC Neat, the dance legend that is Alex P, plus Andy Manston, Jess Bats, KC Lights, Nightlapse, Saffron Stone and Sammy Porter all cover plenty of bases in style.

The all new and ambitious Back of Beyond 2020 is a mouthwatering event and all for a very affordable price, with tickets starting at just £24.50 from