Why You Should Watch “Chapter One – The Kiteboard Legacy Begins”


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Chapter One will premiere on Red Bull TV and available to the public for 24 hours on October 10th and will be downloadable via iTunes thereafter.

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Besides being the first movie of its kind, Chapter One – The Kiteboard Legacy Begins showcases the talent of revered legends, present champions and prospective stars of the intensely thrilling sport of kiteboarding.

Filmed in some of the world’s most awe-inspiring locales, from Fiji to Amsterdam, Brazil to Hawaii. Chapter One features riders like  Ruben Lenten (NED), Jesse Richman (USA), Pete Cabrinha (USA), Aaron Hadlow (GBR) and Sir Richard Branson on their quest for the perfect waves, tenacious storms and executing daring tricks. In addition to being filmed in the most breathtaking kite spots in the world, Chapter One captures the action in stunning 4K. Highlighting the devotion and lifestyles of the riders.

Liam Whaley – Sunset in Brazil

The allure of kiteboarding is hard to resist. Exhilarating, exciting and thrilling. The best thing about it is that anyone can get into it.  Director Bob van de Gronde of Eyeforce, said, “With Chapter One, we wanted to make a travel and adventure film that would appeal to both kiteboarders and people that have never flown a kite before. We spent two years traveling the globe documenting kiters from very different walks of life, from Bebe, a local talent from a small Brazilian fishing village, to Sir Richard Branson, who kiteboards around his private island in the Caribbean.”

Youri Zoon – Brazil (Shot by Ydwer Van der Heide

As Branson explains in the movie: “I first kited about 14 years ago and now I find kiting the best sport in the world. You get away from the hustle-bustle of life and bounce over the waves. You just go where the wind takes you.”

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‘Chapter One’ – The Kiteboard Legacy Begins (Official 4K Trailer)

Chapter One is a co-production with Red Bull Media house and is presented by Wetransfer. The film is sponsored by the Californian surf, snow, and lifestyle brand O’Neill and the action watersports brand Mystic.