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Fast-rising Dutch sensation Luuk van Dijk has become one of electronic music’s most buzzed-about new artists with a newly launched label. The Amsterdam based DJ and producer has just begun showing the world his musical vision.

Hey Luuk, how are you, how was your festive period?

I’m good 🙂 Festive period was lovely, spent a lot of time with family and friends which is always hard during the holidays as there are a lot of parties so busy me! But I combined it perfectly, rented a bus for NYE and took my friends on tour with me so that was fun haha. January is always a little less busy, so I have some gigs and some time to chill out and have a vacation a little but can’t wait to be on tour again!

Tell us about your new label – why start one now?

I recently started my own label called “Dark Side Of The Sun”. I experienced when I was just releasing music on different labels I didn’t really have the freedom to release what I want. A lot of labels have their own sound (of course) and sometimes it was hard for me to release the sound that I like because it didn’t fit a lot of labels. So I felt the urge to make a platform for myself so that I can release whatever I want, whenever I want. I think this is a really good step for me to evolve as an artist and show the people what I really stand for. Of course I will release my music on other labels too, because it helps increase your fanbase and get your name out there!

What’s the outlook musically? 

The sun is yet so incredibly beautiful but also really scary so that’s also what I want to stand for musically. I don’t like to think in genres but Dark Side Of The Sun will be releasing all types of underground music in its spectrum. Think melodic, swing, tight, hard, soft and basslines. 

Will it be for albums as well as EPs and singles?

The plan for the beginning is to only release my own music + remixes, so every 2 months or so I will release a track + a remix. But we’ll see! Maybe if I really get some sick demo’s I’ll just put them out anyways. I don’t think it’s time for an album this year because there’s already a lot coming out but it still sounds cool so we’ll see what 2021 brings 😉 

Does artwork and format matter or is it just about the music for you?

Of course it’s about the music but everything matters. I do think that an artwork is relevant indeed, If you see a lot of artwork on a Beatport page it’s cool if you can make something that stands out. I’m very happy with the logo, style and artworks of the brand. A good friend of mine ‘Solo Artists’ made it and when he came up with the logo I was sooo happy with it because it already looks timeless. If you take a look at the logo you can see multiple angles so that already is something that fits the concept. We’re only doing digital releases now but maybe in the future we’ll do some vinyl but we’ll see how this works first 😉 

Tell us about the first EP – what inspired or informed it?

I really don’t have one particular sound, I listen and make a lot of different music. I get easily inspired and I don’t like to stick at one genre or sound. Also in my sets you’ll hear techno, minimal, tech-house, house as long there’s a little soul or some kind of feeling in it. So when I had to pick two tracks for the first release I really wanted to put out “Suavo” and “Flangosh” as they’re two different kind of tracks, “Suavo” is a more groovy tech housey track that’s more focused on drums and percussion. “Flangosh” has more to do with melodic elements and is more focused on the bass and synths. This track doesn’t just bang easy in every set but has a more “warehouse” or “big room” approach. So already in the first E.P. you will hear different sounds and that’s exactly what I want for the label.

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How did you choose a remixer? Will there always be a remixer on every release?

For the first “Suavo” EP I asked my good friend and producer who I look up to Sidney Charles. Sid, if you’re reading this I’m forever grateful for doing me such a big favour! It really is a good feeling that a big artist like Sidney is involved even though we just begun and we’re still a small label. I like to involve remixers too because every track is a big process and it’s cool to see different approaches to the original tracks. Music is a language and everyone understands and interprets in his/her way.

Do you sound in the studio like you do in the club? Do the two relate to one another like that?

Yeah totally! As I said earlier I like a lot of different music, when I’m not in the club or studio I listen to artists like Thundercat, Kendrick Lamar, D’Angelo, Anderson, Paak, Bill Withers and more. Even though you can’t really hear it in my tracks I do think I get inspiration from Hip-Hop, Jazz, Funk, Disco, whatever. I like variation in my sets, so I’ll jump from Hot Creations to Boo Williams to Robert Hood kinda techno. Just like DJ’ing I’ll make whatever I feel like when I’m in the studio. 

What else you working on/have you got coming up?

I just signed a lot of my music and that’s the best feeling ever. My next EP will be coming out on the mighty Eastenderz, the label of East End Dubs who is one of my favourite producers at the moment. Also signed 2 E.P’s, 2 VA’s and 1 remix that are coming out the next couple of months, so I just can’t wait putting loads of my work out there!

What dreams do you have for 2020, personally or otherwise?

2019 was the year of traveling for me, I got to see some amazing countries and different dance cultures. I feel really confident about 2020, I can’t wait to see what this year will bring! It felt good talking about the label and me, thanks for having me guys! <3 

Luuk’s ’Suavo’ EP is out now on his Dark Side Of The Sun label…
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