Le Croque makes his debut on Connected with “Melancholia”, Review


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Le Croque originates from the most avant-garde, Greek Afro-House scene. From there, the DJ and producer conquered the international scene, releasing on Madorasindahouse, Open Bar Music, King Street and more.

The single “Melancholia” is his latest creation, a release in which Le Croque joined forces with the German vocalist HRRSN, whose voice can be heard on labels such as Stil Vor Talent, Suol and Noir Music. The result is a beautiful piece of hypnotic electronic music. Connected, the label in charge of the release, says that “Melancholia is made up of a simple and sparse rhythm, exuberant vocals and keys”. And once you hear it, you can’t find a better way of describing it. At the beginning the rhythm is the star of the track but while it grows, more elements are added creating a truly unique atmosphere. The magic reaches its climax point with HRRSN’s voice which is soft, appealing and captivating, especially when he shows off his skills with the high notes. The rhythm never lets you go, immediately putting you into a dance mood. “Melancholia” is perfect for both the high point of any set and for the most intimate moments.

The release includes a remix by Themba, one of the most influential artists in the Southafrican electronic music scene. He chooses a far more sharp rhythm and then colours it with a stabbing bass, some string-like notes and HRRSN’s vocals, because why would you get rid of them. The result is a far more direct piece that will also put you into a dance mood but in a not so oneiric way.

In any case, you should begin to stretch because you are going to dance, a lot.  “Melancholia” is available on Connected from Thursday the 28th of February.