THE BUZZ: Copenhagen’s Nandu Announces Forthcoming Album


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Copenhagen’s Nandu is one of the most sought-after electronic acts from Scandinavia at present. An artist unrestrained by genre barriers and a name who is no stranger to performing alongside the industry’s key players, Nandu’s forthcoming body of work ‘One Man’s High Is Another Man’s Anxiety’ seeks to explore new grooves and compelling melodies delivered in the form of a full eight-track album.

The album draws inspiration from Nandu’s roots in Jazz, Rock, Pop and even Salsa. A natural musician, and one who is never bound by creative restraints, he seeks to inspire and draw on the imagination with his compositions. Creating sounds that take you from South American beaches to bitter Nordic winters; from the theatrical deep jungle to sparse and unsympathetic urban ambiances. Nandu creates unparalleled soundscapes within his music that make just as well for bedroom listening as it does on a big sound system.

‘One Man’s High Is Another Man’s Anxiety’ is built around the concept of Yin and Yang and the idea of duality. Nandu contemplates the idea that on one hand, a choice in life may pull you in a certain direction, but then you live with the consequences of that action. Similarly, an uncontrollable power can switch up the poles between high and low. You learn to absorb and adapt without looking back and do better the next time.

Nandu presents the first single from the album ‘When They Call’ available for open stream. The seventh track from the overall album, ‘When They Call’ flourishes with heavy and moody textures throughout the track, giving a taste of what’s to follow in the overall album composition.


Nandu ‘One Man’s High Is Another Man’s Anxiety’ Tracklist:

A1 – What You Have To Do

A2 – Calling Feat. Vâlva

B1 – One Man’s High Is Another Man’s Anxiety

B2 – You Will See Feat. Apoke

C1 – While You Wait

C2 – Isibane

D1 – When They Call

D2 – The Cost Of My Childish Dream

Nandu ‘One Man’s High Is Another Man’s Anxiety’ will be released 26th October via Connected