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In a total bout of spontaneity, we headed to Fabric to join the hardest working insects in the game… with every Spaniard in London having the same great idea! Packed dancefloor, with plenty in Halloween costumes, enjoying every minute.

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Fabric can be a hard sell for some: the thorough airport-like experience to enter is essentially a rite of passage, and I’d say the same goes for attending an ANTS event even if their genres aren’t your usual scene. Similar to Elrow, their consistency is key: from the line-up to the production and unpretentious approach, it’s part warehouse techno rave, part enthusiastic, upbeat fiesta. Primarily a tech house feel, there were moments of latin-infused melodies and 90’s throwbacks to house classics.

I caught the tail end of Francisco Allendes in Room 1 before the no-nonsense set by Eli Brown, which he was clearly thoroughly enjoying too. Playing to the crowd, there were countless little lyric teases and buildups for some memorable moments where even those trying to resist bopping along couldn’t help themselves. Equally irresistible, Room 2 had ANTS projections as the backdrop to ANOTR, literally crawling atop the crowd. Thick beats awash with light beams and colour, an unapologetic set meant to make us move as the buildup to Secondcity to close it out, with Matthias Tanzmann taking the helm next door.

While it wasn’t a sun-soaked festival setting, and (thankfully) no pyro bursts like their usual Ushuaia parties, ANTS put on an excellent Halloween evening on a cold London night. ’til next time, colony!

ANTS @ Fabric, Nov. 1, 2019 (Album)

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