Evans Returns to Bedrock with Tropik EP


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Following key releases on the likes of Multinotes, Siamese and Sun Over Histories, Sheffield-based Dilate Records bossman Evans returns to Bedrock with another blissful brace of nocturnal adventures.

Taking off where Futurism left us – but this time bringing friend and kindred spirit Altman on one of the tracks – the tone is set to earnest, the rushes are set to high and the emotions are overloading as the rising star weaves around us gently, twisting us up into his maze of feelings and fantastical dynamics.

Tailored to make you close your eyes and lose yourself in the music, each cut hits with spellbinding allure; the triumphant thrust and beguiling arpeggios on the title track Tropik, the rising sense of drama on Santos and the mind/heart/soul melting breakdown of the finale Birds Of Paradise all tread that fine balance…soft yet slapping, hazy yet hard, dreamy yet dead serious.

Evans sent: music like this is going to turn a lot of heads this summer.

Evans – Tropik EP is out now via Bedrock Records