Adana Twins Remix Jan Blomqvist ‘Carry On’


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Having returned from one of their most successful tours of India to date, Hamburg-based production duo Adana Twins now unveil their first piece of studio output of the New Year, as they deliver an official remix for Jan Blomqvist’s much-loved 2022 vocal single, Carry On – out now via Armada Music.

An emotive, club-ready offering, emphasized by rolling basslines, vintage synths and pulsating four-four beats, Adana Twins’ remix of Carry On sees the German brothers impart an almost retro dancefloor energy into Blomqvist’s spellbinding original, conjuring an intricate web of analog instrumentation and dynamic production techniques to compliment Blomqvist’s unmistakable topline.

Since their first big break in 2012 the Adana Twins have established a sterling reputation, refining their sound constantly, pushing the boundaries of their musical ambition and evolving organically with the passage of time. Driven by a deep-seated desire to transmit emotion through electronic music while expanding their creative horizons, the German duo have been working together since 2006, merging Benjamin’s love of hip-hop and Friso’s passion for club music to produce a series of highly-regarded releases that form the foundation of their global success.

Jan Blomqvist – Carry On (Adana Twins Remix) is out now via Armada Music.