Spotlight: SEVERIANO, a Short-Film from Argentina


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“SEVERIANO” is an 18-minute, drama short-film, shot on location in Buenos Aires.

Severiano is the reflection of a lost youth. He recognizes himself in his neighborhood and his friends are his only support. As in a teenage dream full of nostalgia and melancholy, Severiano lives through his days of youth and adulthood, where the present and the uncertainty of his future seem to be coming together.


Written, Directed and Produced by Francisco Mazziotti & Alexan Sarikamichian

We had an entire week of shooting. This is a short film packed with a high dynamism of actions and quantity of scenes & shooting locations, in opposite to the slow-developing intern conflict of our main character. It’s a conflict already installed before the film even begins, and that will keep unfolding beyond the narrative of the film itself.

Francisco de la Fuente & Alexan Sarikamichian

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Starring: Severiano Astrada / Lucía Corral / Guido Raguza / Franco Dente
Editor: Paula Baialardo
General Production: Alexan Films
DOP & Color Grade: Daniel Carrizo & Sebastian Ferrari 
Set Designer: Lucia Lalor & Bernarda Crudo
Stylist: Dani El Cabo para Bunt Estudio
Sound: Gonzalo Komel
Original Music: Joaquin Bartolomé Otero Sojo

Written, Directed and Produced by: