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To say Noemi Black has been on a fine run of form this year would be somewhat of an understatement. Following the critically-acclaimed release of her ‘Absorcol’ Remix on Dolma Red at the start of the year, the Polish-born techno maven has since enjoyed a hugely successful run of hard-hitting original releases and remixes on the likes of Black Nemesis Records, Eclipse Recordings, Prospect Records and two full EPs on her very own Technical Vibe imprint.

Now, as Noemi looks to wrap up another prolific year of internationally celebrated output, the hotly-tipped DJ, producer and label head makes her long awaited debut on Substeal Records as she delivers another flawless underground techno cut, with an official remix for Mallorcan producer Alberto Ruiz. With an another remix for Italian imprint Black Vision coming up on before the end of the year, we caught up with Noemi to find out more…

Hi Noemi, welcome to We Own The Nite and thanks for taking time out of your schedule to talk to us!

Hello, it’s a pleasure for me to talk with you.

How are you doing and where in the world are you right now?

I’m good, thank you. I’m trying to do my things like usual, but according to the world’s situation, it’s not so easy. I’m living in South Germany, in the small and quiet city of Ravensburg.

Please can you introduce yourself quickly for our readers?

I’m a polish Techno DJ and producer. Professionally, I’ve been doing this for over 8 years now. My music has been released on multiple labels from all over the world and I’ve played in many countries, mostly in Europe, but also in Lebanon and Egypt. My musical style I’ll describe as driven, straight-forward Techno.

We can’t believe it’s already December! Tell us a bit about your year. How has life been for you and how have you dealt with all the craziness?

Yes, it was a really crazy Year. After great gigs like for example in Toulouse in France and Malmo in Sweden at the beginning of the year, I didn’t imagine what will come in the next few weeks. The last gig I played was in Augsburg in Germany on 6th March. After that came the lockdown for our music industry. From this date, almost all my dates were cancelled, also my long-awaited South and North America Tours.

To forget about it all, I’ve focused myself on improving my producing skills. I’m spending right now much time in the studio, so you can expect some new music very soon.

We hear you’ve got two big remixes coming up this month. Can you tell us more about these?

Yes, it’s true! The first one is the remix of Alberto Ruiz’s track ‘Inside’ and it is out today on the Spanish label Substeal Records.

The second one, I have made for two young and talented producers from Italy, Fabio Guarriello, and Andrea Sorbo. My remix of the track ‘Welcome To Get Enough’ will be out on 21.12 on Black Vision.

Get ready for some heavy Techno!

Let’s talk about your studio set up. What hardware / software are you digging right now?

From the beginning, I’m working on Ableton Live. Right now I’m working on the Live 10. I’ve tried some other DAW’s, but Ableton suits me the most. My favorite soft synthesizers are Arturia, Native Instruments, and U-He synthesizers. I mostly use WAVES plugins for editing. For hardware, I’m using beloved Moog Mother-32 and Roland Aira TR-8, and of course some controllers.

You’re clearly very accomplished both in the studio and behind the decks. Do you prefer one or the other? If so, why?

Thank you. It’s a hard question because I love both things. But, yes…definitely, I prefer to perform behind the decks in front of the real crowd. That’s what gives me energy for the hard work. I love to come to the club earlier, feel the energy of the place, talk to the clubbers, and dance with them. After a weekend like that, I have the power and motivation for hard work in the studio on something new.

Do you think the music industry as a whole needs to take lessons from this pandemic?

It’s a totally new situation for us all. For DJs, club owners, event organizers, and all the people, who are working in the music industry. We have to create a new concept for the restart and for the future. No one knows, when something like this will happen to us again.

While we are all being limited in our movement, how do you keep your creative energy flowing?

The most energy, I’m getting from my club and festival shows. Right now it’s impossible. The second thing, that gives me the energy is Mother Nature. Thanks to God, I living in a beautiful region, almost in the Alps. I’m trying to spend my free time in the mountains, where I can recharge my batteries.

What are 5 records that you’ll be playing out in your first gig of 2021?

Of course my two new remixes, but also some other massive Tracks. Here is the list: 

Alberto Ruiz – Inside (Noemi Black Remix)

Fabio Guarriello, Andrea Sorbo – Welcome To Get Enough (Noemi Black Remix) 

Flug – Winter Mood (Original Mix)

Goldzik – S5 (Original Mix)

Esteban Miranda – Dichte und Tiefe (Original Mix)

What else can we expect from Noemi in 2021?

New original tracks are in progress, so soon I’ll release also a few EP’s. Of course, I’m waiting for the clubs re-opening. It would be great to play all those tracks in the clubs. I have some nice ideas about streams and events, but we have to wait, which ones I’ll be able to realize.

Any final words for our readers?

Stay strong, stay optimistic. Soon everything will be back to normality.