Freddy Hz signs Chaac on Fresco Records


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Freddy Hz is the name of the artist who presents the new musical proposal on Fresco Records. Directly from Nicaragua he offers us a work based on the most subtle and careful electronic music, embracing ethnic and tribal sounds accompanied by crunchy and organic synthesizers that seem to come to life at times. The whole work describes a story from beginning to end that will transport you to a true sonic paradise.

Julio Navas presents an adaptation of Freddy’s excellent work, in which he has kept a large part of the original work providing an extra energy for more danceable clubs. A powerful and dynamic base as well as certain adjustments in the development of the whole set achieve a more explosive mix.

In addition, the label wanted to complement the release with an 8D mix video, the sound format that when listening to it through headphones, it allows you to feel the music in a completely different way. Thanks to this video you will feel how that the track moves around you imitating the logic of nature.