Adam Kaase lands on Fresco Records


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Adam Kaase, brazilian-born artist currently living in Barcelona with previous releases being showcased by the likes of Marco Carola , Amine Edge, Van Did or Mia Mendi to name a few, presents us a master piece that includes two tracks “Vangelis” and “Serenade“.

Vangelis” is a melodic track, deep with an impressive energy. Interesting arpeggios and an analogical synth that takes the total prominence on the track providing an unmatched energy. A club killer.

Serenade” being a more mental track, follows the same patterns as “Vangelis“. Captivating arpeggios and melodic arrangements that accompany you throughout the journey, with an analog bass that provides enough energy to don’t stop at any time.

Adam Kaase ‘s new release is already available on Beatport via Fresco Records.