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Hey Cali, how was 2019 for you?

Hey guys, thanks for having me and happy holidays to everyone. 2019 was a year with a little bit of everything. Had amazing gigs from Barcelona to Toronto. Great studio sessions from Berlin to Miami but more than anything its been a time to work and develop my sound.

How hard is it being an underground artist in the US? Are people more into EDM and commercial stuff? Do you find you have more fans in Europe?

Its really hard to be honest, and I think a little more for me personally as I’m back in my hometown of San Juan, Puerto Rico where the scene has not been in their best position. Its been a hard couple of years for the scene here but we work and try to do the best we can. To be honest EDM “died” here, what’s really booming is the latin music specially trap. I find fans really anywhere but specially where I’ve been before and have brought my sound.

Tell us about your Opulence label – what is the sonic vision?

It’s just a small “boutique” label. Thats how I like to call it. We don’t have a certain sound, just a vibe. Our catalog offers everything from disco to minimal to techy.

What are the good and bad bits about running a label these days?

It’s a LOT of work and especially for me as I run everything by myself. From listening to demos, to artwork to promo. It’s a lot of work, but if you are doing it for the right reasons people will follow you and support you.

You have had some big releases on the label – is that what keeps you going? That supports and positive feedback or would you do it anyway?

Honestly yeah, this is obviously a big reason to keep the dice rolling. To have artist like Roman Flügel to Ryan Crosson, Martin Buttrich .. etc means a lot so I think this is a big thing, but I love discovering new music and the whole music industry so I think I would still do it anyways.

How did you hook up with Francesca Lombardo for your EP on her label Echoe?

Francesca and I have been friends for many many years. Countless bookings, B2B’s & more it was just the beginning. I sent her the whole EP/ Project and she said: let’s do this. So it was more like a natural process.

What inspired it? Was it written with a certain place or time in mind?

I wanted to do something different, something more “cinematic”, slow tempo & romantic more than anything. It was some hard/sad times that inspired me to do this to he honest. Life is all about ups and downs so I don’t feel bad talking about this.

What hopes and goals and dreams do you have for 2020?

Just make & release more music. The rest will come naturally.

What were you doing on Xmas day, where and with who?

I’m currently home in Puerto Rico so just chilled with friends & family.

What else you got coming up/are you working on?

I have an EP on Serialism Records, a collab with Cem G and 2 singles in 2 different VA’s for now.

Cali Lanauze EP “There’s Another Life After You” is out now on Echoe! Grab it here

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