Socko Releases ‘Blast’ EP on The Gardens Of Babylon


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Since his critically acclaimed release debut in 2019, rising Armenian talent Socko has taken the organic house world by storm with his unique, ethnic-leaning sound palate. Standing as one of the most exciting artists to emerge from the country’s flourishing underground circuit, Socko is extending his native land to the global dance music stage by championing a rich combination of world music sentiments through the intoxicating format of house music.

A firm favourite for internationally-renowned record label The Gardens of Babylon, Socko returned to the imprint back in July with his emotive cut ‘I Need’ alongside neo-soul vocalist D’Litte, giving fans an advanced look at his debut extended player for the famed electronic music house. Now making his presence known on the release radar once again, Socko unveils his highly-anticipated ‘Blast’ EP in full, presenting fans with four deliciously vibrant productions to immerse themselves in.

Following its release two months ago, ‘I Need’ serves as the EPs lead offering and, accompanied by a poignant music video, the track’s impact has been felt throughout the deep house realm ever since. Beautifully refined and wholly authentic, ‘I Need’ straddles the worlds of organic instrumentation and heady synth-work to create a cut that oozes cinematic charm. The EPs second cut ‘Together Again’ welcomes the collaborative efforts of vocalist and guitarist Sevada. A deeply meditative track built upon flawless percussion and a mesmeric bassline, ‘Together Again’ hits the sweet spot between house, indie dance and traditional Armenian instrumentation; an impeccable collection of sound design elements that challenge the traditional flow and format of dance music in the most progressive way.

Inaugurating the second half of the player, ‘Ultimate Reality’ showcases a more experimental side to Socko’s output; one that promotes quirky toplines and unequivocally percussion. Presenting a web of synth intricacies which take reference from a multitude of genres, the EPs third cut is a masterclass in leftfield house music that finds equal comfort within both the club and at-home listening spaces. Closing out the EP, Socko treats us to a measured slice of deep house bliss with ‘What We Feel’. Identified by its one-of-a-kind synth lead, the cut serves a gritty array of melodic phrases that pay homage to his Armenian roots.

Socko – ‘Blast’ EP is out now via The Gardens of Babylon: