Isolated Radio: Harder, Better, Faster & Isolate


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We’re living in strange times, complex realities in which social distancing has ceased to be an abstract concept to become our day to day. The time has come to act, it is here, it is now and you can be part of it.Isolated Radio was born with a single goal: to create and keep  the clubbing scene connected, which right now feels locked up. Make the most of the options that the lockdown offers us, learn and reinvent yourselves to return being a stronger, more sustainable and united scene. The change is already happening, clubbers from all corners of the world are demonstrating that their capacity for solidarity and desire to share have no limits.

As a differentiating point, Isolated Radio has launched its own original, limited and exclusive t-shirt campaign through Everpress, that combine classic electronic tracks with the most fashionable items. Change your PJs, track pants, and your old t-shirts from the store down town  for messages that have influenced several generations now, all adapted to the lockdown, security and protection of those who need it most. But with humor, a lot of humor. You can see and get the t-shirts here.

This online station works as a tool that gives visibility to both the music that we are passionate about and its creators and the team of professionals behind the scene building and contributing every day to the club culture: producers, djs, journalists, photographers, managers, agents, promoters, labels’ owners, designers, etc; and of course, all anonymous clubbers.

Hence, this collaborative radio has put the spotlight on the selectors who for a few hours will allow us the luxury of exploring their musical libraries and sharing their electronic gems with us. Without mixes, without effects, with nothing to distract the attention from what’s really important, being able to enjoy a good track and all its nuances. If you want to participate as an Isolated Radio selector, you can do it by contacting them through:

The quarantine will come to an end but Isolated Radio will stay with us.