More than 50,000 people pass through L’Abarset during its first season


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When L’Abarset planned its return, it did so with vision and ambition. The team wanted it to become an internationally recognized aprés-ski venue and to firmly put Andorra on the map as one of the best ski destinations in Europe. Now, with the season over, it’s time to see whether L’Abarset met the objectives of the team and the expectations of the public.  

It all started with an investment of 5 million euros. This allowed David Alayeto (Dream Up Design) to come up with the concept and interior design. It was important to everyone that the stunning location in which the space is located (the Grandvalira ski resort) played a fundamental role in the renovation. Integrationsustainability, and accessibility are all at the core of the new L’Abarset, as well as innovation – especially in terms of sound and lighting. The food, too, attracts many people, with even the smallest of details being thought about. 

The first challenge came with the first snowfall of the year which made the planned opening impossible. But, even in difficult weather conditions, the team persisted and their commitment and hard work meant that L’Abarset could finally open its doors on December 27th.

We couldn’t leave our compatriots or our most loyal tourists without having experienced the new L’Abarset. They deserved that we opened no matter what, an so we did!“, says Bruna Sedó, Brand Manager of L’Abarset. 

Circumstances forced the new business model to start with 30% capacity, which meant downsizing, readapting the space to accommodate all sanitary measures, and completely digitalizing all services. 

Introducing the new project to the world during a pandemic wasn’t an easy task. We wanted to make a statement that we were coming back stronger than ever before“, says Bruna Sedó. 

After a month and a half in these conditions, L’Abarset was finally able to fully open. At the beginning of February, both the music program kicked off and the terrace concept opened. Since then, they’ve both been a great success. A top-of-the-range, international lineup has played at L’Abarset, including DJs such as Paco Osuna, Edu Imbernon, Cuartero, Dennis Cruz, Los Suruba, B Jones, and Kryder – to name a few. The end-of-season party featured none other than Claptone. With everything on offer, it’s hardly surprising that, throughout the season, the average number of people going to L’Abarset was 1,300!

The reception has been magical. A lot of people wanted L’Abarset to reopen because it’s always been a big family – a kind of meeting point. This huge project came onto the scene with renewed ambitions and a commitment to club culture and the diversity within music. The public has lived and experienced this and there’s a lot of demand for it. There’s a huge desire to continue living the L’Abarset experience”, says Alex Orué,  Hospitality & Corporate Director. 

Overall, the first 120 days of L’Abarset couldn’t have gone any better. They set out to return for the season and become a leader in the world of aprés-ski. Something they seem to have achieved. 

The first season has been very positive. All projects need a little time to find their feet and we needed to see whether what we’re offering is that the public expected and wanted. We think we’ve managed to do this in only a short amount of time! Seeing the enthusiasm and gratitude of the public means we must be on the right track. We’re a very grateful team but at the same time nonconformist. There’s no doubt that this project will keep growing and improving and we’ll continue to listen to out clients. Our main goal is to offer a first-class experience that differentiates us from the competition. For now, it’s time to say goodbye. We’ll see each other again very soon!”, says Alex Orué.