Einmusik & Jordan Arts Join Forces for ‘The One’s’ on Purified Records


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Renowned German producer Einmusik and South African-born musician Jordan Arts deliver their enchanting and poignant collaboration, The One’s – out now on Purified Records.

From the very first beat, The One’s demonstrates the seamless fusion of Einmusik and Jordan Arts’ distinct talents, resulting in a composition that is bound to resonate deeply with audiences around the world. The track opens with Jordan’s captivating vocals, sparking an instant connection with listeners while drawing them into a realm of emotion and intrigue.
Einmusik’s signature production style comes to the forefront as the track unfolds, building a compelling sonic landscape. Deep basslines are intertwined with intricate percussion, creating a steady and driving rhythm that binds the entire composition. Demonstrating both artists’ abilities to craft evocative soundscapes, The One’s exudes a poignant atmosphere that lingers long after the final note.
Speaking about the release, the artists mentioned,
The song is about the feeling we get when we listen to the music we love. It makes us feel connected to the world around us, and more connected to each other by being in the moment. We are the one’s living in the moment.

The collaboration came about in a very organic way and nothing ever felt forced. We both added an equal amount of sonics to the project and is a great representation of how a collaboration should be, a combination of styles to create something unique that not one of us could make by ourselves.”