HEREON x Adam Sellouk x braev x Like Mike Unite for The Night


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Journeying into an otherworldly dimension with their debut collaboration, Purified regular Adam Sellouk unites with Like Mike under his HEREON alias, and revered vocalist braev, for The Night on Purified Records.
Catching the attention of listeners all over the world in recent sets and streams, including Nora En Pure’s DJ Mag Top 100 Stream from Bali, The Night evokes deep emotion through haunting vocals and striking instrumentation. This profound and powerful cut perfectly blends the producers’ individual styles, resulting in a timeless cut that will leave a lasting impression.
HEREON emerged as an underground wavemaker in 2023, capturing sounds between melodic house and techno. The alter ego of world-renowned electronic music artist Like Mike, HEREON explores the link between spiritual enlightenment and electronic music. Creating a seamless blend of frequencies, HEREON seeks to use vocals and sound waves to uplift the listener and create a sonic soundscape that rebalances the harmony of what it means to be human. The power of the collective is embraced through HEREON’s unique sounds, merging the boundaries between genres and cultures.
Adam Sellouk is a rising talent in the electronic music scene, known for his captivating blend of melodic/progressive techno and house. With notable releases on the likes of Armada, Purified and Siona Records, Adam’s talent and versatility have garnered support from influential acts such as Tale of Us, Artbat, Meduza and many more. Gracing prestigious venues including Ushuaïa Ibiza for Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike’s residency, DMT Club Gudalajara, and Ame Club Brazil, as well as a string of headline shows, with his striking musical blend and unwavering dedication to his craft, Adam Sellouk continues to make an indelible mark on the dance music scene.
Pasquale D’Alessio, professionally known as braev, began his musical journey as a virtuoso pianist, before transcending into a remarkable vocalist under the mentorship of renowned coach Seth Riggs. Invited to Los Angeles by Riggs, braev received a scholarship for UCLA’s opera program. After a five-year tenure with Opera de Montreal, he shifted his focus to explore a diverse range of genres. A pivotal moment came when music veteran Dino Lenny recognized his talent during Tiësto’s writing camp, leading to the acclaimed release Origin with ARTBAT. This collaboration propelled braev into the limelight as a dual-threat producer. Collaborating with leading artists including Yotto, Matador, Stephan Jolk, Massano, 8Kays, Innellea and Colyn, he has also showcased his talents from Ushuaia Ibiza to Afterlife’s sought-after Tour. Diligently crafting his solo album, braev is set to showcase his multifaceted abilities as a self-produced, written, and sung artist, embodying the essence of a one-man music factory in the evolving landscape of contemporary music.
The Night artwork features an underwater ocean shot, captured by Daniel Nicholson. The ocean acts as a massive thermostat for the planet. It absorbs, stores, and releases vast amounts of heat, helping to regulate Earth’s temperature and stabilize climate. Ocean currents create a global conveyor belt system that circulates water around the world, connecting all major ocean basins. This system takes about 1,000 years to complete a full circuit. The ocean floor is not static; it’s continually changing. Submarine earthquakes, volcanic activity, and tectonic movements constantly reshape the seabed, creating new features and altering existing ones. Organizations like Oceana are dedicated to protecting and restoring the world’s ocean on a global scale. A restored, healthy, and abundant ocean can help fight climate change, sustain livelihoods and feed more than 1 billion people every day. Campaigning around the planet to protect and restore, with more than 275 victories, they continue on their mission to save the ocean and help feed the world.