EXCLUSIVE MIX: Gorgon City x We Own The Nite (Escape Tour 2018)


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Ahead of the final date of their ‘Escape’ Live North American Tour at Avant Gardner on November 17, GORGON CITY provides an exclusive mix.

Enjoy this exclusive mix especially created by Gorgon City for We Own The Nite NYC ahead of their “Escape” live show at Avant Gardner in Brooklyn on November 17th!

Gorgon City x We Own The Nite NYC Mix (Escape Tour):


p style=”text-align: center;”>Don’t miss Gorgon City performing at Great Hall – Avant Gardner on Nov 17

Gorgon City Escape Tour 2018 – November 8th, Chicago

Gorgon City ‘Escape’ Album Release Party on The Roof (Aug. 2, 2018)

Album release parties are far from a rare occurrence in NYC. What sets the best apart from the rest? Well, Gorgon City can offer some pointers.

Here’s the setting: the roof at Output…wait for it….during the summer…wait for it…on a beautiful night.

First in the world to hear what Escape has to offer, those tucked in this tight corner of Brooklyn found themselves in just the right place.

Having decided to tap into the fantastic talent on the album, Gorgon City soon took to the roof with a slew of guests. One after the other, musicians began to pop-up on a small stage set on the roof. The crowd went from stationary banter to an all-out dance-party in record time. Josh Berry of “Blame”, Naations of “Let It Go” (who also opened for the duo), Chenei of “Never Enough” and D Double E of “Hear That” all graced the roof.  Suffice it to say, the delivery was a hit.

The addition of live performances, which by and large could have been mistaken for pre-recorded, made the album release all the more special. The album itself was a great tasting of the British duo’s breadth. Within the album, listeners can find themselves at home both on Output’s roof in the middle of summer, or below on the dance floor with the bass thumping.

Once the first listen wrapped, Gorgon City wasted no time in keeping the crowd moving into a DJ set, which, on its own, was a great performance.

What began as a listening party exceeded expectations. Live music, well-thought lyrics, solid singers and a picture-perfect night landed Gorgon City on our hit list.

If you haven’t already, be sure to give their new album a listen, you won’t regret it. And, don’t miss Gorgon City Live on their North American ‘Escape’ Tour – Final Date At Avant Gardner On November 17. The duo touches down for the last stop on their ‘Escape’ U.S. tour for a special live performance.

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