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The Trailblazer from Warsaw, Is Gearing up for A Very Big Year Ahead

With upcoming new releases via Counterweight Records and his debut NYC performance at this weekend’s Black Hole 3rd Anniversary party, Sept continues his metamorphosis from emerging talent to international figure.

To find out how this rising artist got to where he is today, and what’s next for him in terms of upcoming projects, make sure to check out our interview below!

Tell us a bit about yourself, where are you from originally?

Sept: Hello dears, my name is Michel and I am a Thai boxing and reptile lover (ball pythons especially). My hometown (Brwinów) is located on the suburbs of Warsaw around 30 km from the city center.

At what age did you get involved with music?

Sept: When I was 13 I started my education at musician school. I was learning how to play cello for a couple of years. After graduating I found myself on the crossroads and was asking what to do further? Soon after I decided to pick up the slack and started to learn out of YouTube tutorials how to produce music with the use of Ableton Live.

Can you tell us about Lost Pool?

Sept: The Lost Pool event series was established in 2015. One day, two of my friends showed me the area of the abandoned pool, where back in the days was located club H2O. When I saw this spot for the first time I instantly wanted to throw rave party there. It took us a couple of weeks to clean this area and make it possible to organize our first event. During our first season we started to build our community, as we had something around 400 ravers at each of two of our parties, however the next season, in 2016 the scale was incomparably bigger. We had 3 events and each of them attracted more than 1000 guests. The cool thing about Lost Pool, was the thing that we were relying on Polish artists only. That moment made us aware that our local scene is getting stronger and stronger.

Aside from your family, who had the greatest influence on your success?

Sept: I think my friends. They were always sharing with me loads of music. I remember the times when I totally didn’t get techno, but my friends were keeping sending me it even though.

What do you envision to be biggest change for you transitioning from Warsaw to touring the globe?

Sept: The biggest change is going to be the time zone hahaha.

What inspired you to embark on DUEL Events?

Sept: I always wanted to deliver something exceptional to the people who are interested in club culture. After the Lost Pool, I was looking for a new event series project. One day I came up with the “Duel Your Musical Boundaries” idea and this is how the whole concept was born.

How do you see yourself contributing to Warsaw’s dance scene in 2020?

Sept: I will simply keep doing what I do since 2015. I have planned a couple of events not only in Warsaw, but also around the country. Me and my crew are having loads of ideas and I hope we will be able to tell something more soon about our plans, as for now, we keep it secret. We prefer to do rather than talk a lot.

Recognizing that there is “life beyond music”, although we hope you have a long and illustrious career, what do you see yourself doing outside of all of this?

Sept: Music production and DJing was always my passion, but I wasn’t sure if I will make it my lifestyle. Before I started to deal with if it full time I was working in Advertising Agency and probably I would get back to the industry, when I would decide to change my current path.

What future plans and projects can you share?

Sept: If it comes to my future plans I am about to be part of two compilations. The first one is going to be out 1 st December on Counterweight Records, where my track is going to be released along with ones from Under Black Helmet, Tim Tama and Endlec. The second VA is planned to be out 6 th December on Prodigal Son on wax as well. You will find there tracks from Jokasti & Nek, Exal and Sosak aka Gary Beck. In 2020 you can expect some of my Eps but can’t tell any details yet.

List your favorite hangouts in Warsaw….

Sept: When I am not playing during the weekend I am almost always going to my home club, where I am resident at – Jasna1. I know it may sound not objectively, but in my opinion, this club is the only one in Warsaw that has this very family atmosphere inside. I also have to mention here the freshly opened club called 999, where you will be able to experience quality bookings and parties lasting sometimes for 49h non-stop. If it comes to the cool spots where I go to chill with my friends I would definitely recommend Plan B.

Listen to Sept:

The future looks bright for Sept, with new vinyl releases (12” VA on Prodigal Son, 12” VA on Counterweight Records with Under Black Helmet, Tim Tams & Endlec, 12” Ultimate Seduction EP including remixes from Henning Baer & VTSS out on Voxnox Records) and a future presentation for the first time at Boiler Room (Hannover, Berlin). Sept is one of the most exciting new faces emerging onto the international scene and looks set to remain there for many years to come.

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