Meet Hungarian Twosome: Peter Makto & Gregory S [INTERVIEW]


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Smooth Operators: Peter Makto & Gregory S

The talented twosome from Hungary on their 20 year journey, future plans and the importance of balance.

Szia guys, how are things with you both professionally and personally right now?

Peter: Hey NYC, I think I can say some words in name of Greg also about the professional part. We are in the year-end rush, many many gigs on the weekends and more unfinished projects in the studio. Lately, we got some serious requests from some nice labels and we want to make them perfect. In private? – I had my second “childhood” and had much fun in the last years (I am 42 yrs) and lately, I am in a quiet way. Make more healthy things and my daughter will start school in 2020 so I really need to be here with my mind too… 

Greg:  As Peter mentioned above, we are very busy nowadays. All the weekends are booked till the end of the year and there are many many things going on during the weekdays in the studio too. My personal life is also full of challenges, we bought a Golden Retriever with my wife in June so now he is 8 months old with a lot of free energy. So training him is not an easy task but on the other hand, it is a lot of fun. 

What hopes and goals do you have for 2020?

Peter & Greg: We are planning to reach more established international labels for our tracks and of course we want to move forward with our Truesounds Music label too, which is on a really great path now. Besides these, we also want to at least double the number of foreign gigs next year.  

The most important lessons you have learned in your career so far…

Peter: I am in the nightlife for 23 years, many times I was stressed under the pressure to do my things 100%. I had many frustrations as a young artist. I heard many many times from the old DJs “Peter, take it easy and follow your feelings, you should be happy with your job…no suffering” – after many years I can say this was my most important lesson…to learn how to do things without any stress. 

Greg: “all that glitters is not gold” There are just too many fake stories in this business, but I have learned that you can go against it with hard work and a lot of learning. In the long run, honesty and true values will have the right reward.

What advice would you give to anyone moving up?

Peter: The same that I got…follow the flow and the heart.. and because our world changed a lot I can put on top: be honest always! 

Greg: Spend as much time with music-making as you can do, sometimes a shitty project you can’t finish teaches you more than 200 tutorials. And limit the number of artists you follow on Instagram. Watching your favorites daily life is ok, but you can easily lose your faith if you watch a million PR posts mostly focused on the shiny side of the DJ life. 

Tell us about your new single – what or who inspired it?

Peter & Greg: After many-many instrumental tracks we felt that we wanted to try to collaborate with a singer. We tried to do something different than we got used to, so we made a deep club track that has a powerful and easily recognizable vocal part.

What gear did you use to make it, do you care about the how as it were?

Peter & Greg: We bought a Prophet 6 desktop synth just before starting this EP. Almost everything was made with that gear. Its’ sound is simply amazing.  

What would your ideal NYE be, a DJ gig or home with friends?

Peter: to be honest, I love to play at a crazy NYE event, but I really miss my friends around me on this day. Hungary is such a small country and it’s possible to make more gigs in one night. I spent my last 22 NYE with my driver. But when we have our label night then I am with my friends too in the booth.

Greg: The ideal NYE is a gig with a lot of friends around you. Luckily this is the way I had my NYE parties in the last 15 years.

What else have you got coming up/are you working on?

Peter & Greg: We have already signed 3 Eps, they are coming out in the next few months. One on the Israeli Take Away records, one on Miyagi’s Lost Diaries, and one on Armen Miran’s Hoomidaas. Besides these, we have at least 10 finished tracks in the testing period. We always love to see how a certain track works on the dancefloor before we send them to labels.

What’s the last record you bought?

Peter: Alex Smoke – Never Want To See You Again (Slam Remix) – digital format / Beatport / 2 days ago.

Greg: Tim Engelhardt’s amazing track ‘Rhy’

That concludes our chat with the infectious Hungarian duo. Don’t forget to check out their Soundcloud below.

Peter Makto & Gregory S

Over the years, their sound has evolved from Deep House, Progressive and the recently popular Melodic House and Techno, which makes them the only ones truly representing these genres in Hungary.

Expect to see more of the talented twosome this coming year.

Peter & Greg’s Ep ‘Secret Passion feat. Antonia Vai’ is out now on their label Truesounds Music. Grab it here!

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