Sergio Parrado & Chinonegro feat Yaccelil YET 016


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Yet! Records remains unstoppable. After a 2019 full of success, the first release of the new decadea arrives “Eternal Flow” by Sergio Parrado & Chinonegro. It is presented as one of the anthems for this 2020.

Sergio Parrado & Chinonegro return to home. In this ocation they have the vocals of Yaccelil, which became known for her collaboration with Nick Curly on the theme “Perpetuo” released on 8Bit. “Eternal Flow” is excitement, magic and creativity. Its simple but the effective base fits perfectly with all the main elements of the track. The first mini break is a prelude to the great musical journey that shows, the sweet voice of Yaccelil mixes with the synths to give an explosive bass, different chords and pads that progressively form a sound collage with great feeling and strenght.

In the second break the climax is already there. A repetitive and percussive synth takes the protagonism before the voice appears again to leave the dance floor in ecstasy before the bass drum and bass become the main actors.

Eternal Flow” is a timeless hit, its mix of sounds combines perfectly on different dance floors being pure dynamite about to explode, so look no further because here is the hit of the year.